City Beach

City Beach

City Beach is a lifestyle and streetwear brand with over 65 stores across Australia as well as a large online presence.

In 2021, City Beach management decided they need to change their shop fixtures, to create a more modern look in their stores. The goal was to create a bespoke look and feel, that also provided ease of use for their staff members, for day-to-day operations.

City Beach teamed up with Apex Display to create a shopfitting solution that would meet their merchandising needs, whilst creating a unique and bespoke style to complement their brand.

Using various products in the UniSlot TM Collection, the team at Apex Display were able to create a unique shopfitting solution to meet the specifications given by City Beach.

In March 2021, City Beach officially opened its first store, incorporating the UniSlot Collection into its overall design. In the 3 years since, City Beach has successfully refurbished more than 20 stores across Australia, using the UniSlot Collection.

Today, Apex Display and City Beach continue to nurture a close partnership, allowing stores to be refurbished and opened in 4-6 weeks. This partnership has allowed for stocking of custom shopfittings, creating custom cabinetry on demand and providing a dedication to our customers, second-to-none.

By partnering with Apex Display, City Beach have been able to open retail stores with minimised downtime while still delivering the highest quality to create a lasting impact.

Products used: UniSlot Wallmount, UniSlot Freestand, UniSlot Gondola



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