Apex Display is a reputable supplier of quality Australian-made Slatwall shelves and panels. Custom made in our Brisbane warehouse, Slatwall is available in full sheet panels of 2400 x 1200mm with optional centre spacings, these panels can be custom cut to suit any requirement. White and black is our standard offering however you can choose from a wide colour palette of solid colours or timber woodgrains to suit your application and unique retail store aesthetic.

If you want a shop display system that will help to promote your retail products and keep add-ons close at hand for the ease of your customers make sure to browse Apex Displays stallwall range. Whether you use kiosks, gondolas, or other freestanding fixtures to display your merchandise, creating the perfect shop fitting display for your business needs simple with a Slatwall display.

To complete our Slatwall panel range, we also provide a range of accessories including hangrails, shelf brackets, glass or timber slat wall shelves, prongs, arms and other display solutions.

  • Wallmount Panels

    Wallmount Panels

    Apex Display's large range of wallmount slatwall panels can be used as a complete fitout solution or a single retail display. Available in White, Black, Native Oak and a huge range of other finishes, slatwall is a versatile, cost-effective and minimalist shopfitting solution. Slat Centres Have you considered what size 'slat centres' you need? (Slat centre is the distance between…
  • Pegboard Hooks

    Pegboard Hooks

    Apex Display stocks a large range of quality constructed pegboard hooks. Use these hooks (or prongs) with slatwall, slatmesh, volcano board or pegboard to organise and effectively display hang-sell products. Flipscan pegboard hooks with label holders help customers to shop and will increase store sales. Available in lengths between 75 and 300mm and black, white and chrome finishes, there’s a…
  • Slatmesh System

    Slatmesh System

    Slatmesh is a budget-friendly, easy-to-install and durable retail display system used in shopfitting. Designed to accept pegboard hooks and slatwall fittings, slatmesh offers superior versatility and merchandising options. Choose from a freestanding display using single or double sided legs, or mount slatmesh panels directly to a wall with the mesh mounting brackets. Available in black and chrome finishes for a…

Slatwall, also known as slat panels, slot walls, and slot panels, are timber display panels with horizontal grooves running through them.

Slatwall allows you to display a wide range of slatwall fittings and easily merchandise a retail shop. Attach fixtures to create display shelving, or utilise the slat boards to create a floating display around your store. Slatwalls are easy to mount and can accommodate an infinite range of slatwall accessories such as display hooks, slatwall shelves, acrylic, glass shelves, slatwall baskets and more, giving your shop display a completely unique appearance. Our range of slatwall products also offer retail clothing display solutions with designs for wooden coat hangers

Using slatwall displays in your retail space offers many advantages that can help your products stand out, attract attention and offer an easy shopping experience for your customers. A slat wall retail display will give you complete control of the way you want to display your products, with a configurable design that makes it easier to plan out and change your store layout. With a range of materials from glass to timber slat walls this is just one reason that these slatwall products are the most used display systems in retail settings. 

There isn’t only a variety of layout options, but stands themselves that can easily fit in buildings of different sizes and locations providing your store with the best layout, that won’t leave any wasted space.

These displays are versatile and long-lasting, with added durability due to the high-quality materials used in our Slatwall range. This means that you won’t ever have to move your wooden hangers and product displays around due to any damages in your slatwall system.