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The UniSlot Freestand system is designed with both safety and ease of use in mind. It enables retail shops to be set up in the shortest possible time, without forgoing aesthetics and functionality.

Freestand is designed to be assembled quickly, easily and without attaching to the walls and floors of your store. Currently available in three heights 1215mm, 1455mm and 2375mm and in two powdercoat colours – black and white. UniSlot Freestand can be also used as a divider wall using the double sided feet.

1. Strength and Stability

Constructed with traditional block-punched 40mm *pitch posts and joining beams, UniSlot Freestand bolts together, ensuring stability, strength and safety for peace of mind. *(pitch = distance from the top of one slot to the top of slot below).

2. A broad range of accessories

The system can be dressed up with UniSlot accessories – from clip-in slatwall or pegboard back panels to timber base shelves and skirts, hangrails and display hooks, upper shelves, drawer units, header units and display boxes Drop in back panels are also a cost effective way of hiding the wall behind.

3. Easy to assemble

UniSlot is designed for simple, fast and easy assembly. Simply attach the feet to the posts, and then attach joiner rails to the posts. Basic tools such as a spirit level, cordless screwdriver are required. Detailed instructions are available for some products.

4. Reusability

When the time comes to move to another location, simply dis-assemble without the hassle of a make good and set up again in your new store! New components can be added to the existing display to allow for a larger space.

Timber finishes

UniSlot timber components are locally manufactured in our standard finishes – white, black and Native Oak.

We also manufacture UniSlot timber components in Premium Finishes  to support and reinforce your brand identity.

Think kitchen door colours, from Laminex, Formica, Polytec or FlexiPanel…

Metal finishes

UniSlot metal components are available in white and black powdercoat. Selected items are also available in chrome plated finish.

Thinking next level? UniSlot metal components can be powdercoated to match your brand.

Where to use the UniSlot™ Freestand

  • Fashion boutiques
  • Sport stores
  • Gifts and homewares shop
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How to Assemble your UniSlot™ Freestand

1. Posts & Feet

  • Insert the provided glides into the threaded holes on the underside of the feet.
  • Slide the UniSlotpost over the foot spigot. The two flat metal plates may need to be squeezed together.

2. Mount your posts

The setup of your joining beams depends on the height of the display you are creating.
  • Clip the base joining beam into the second lowest keyholes between two posts. The bolt holes on the ends of the base joining beam should line up with the threaded holes on the side of the posts.
  • Clip the joining beams into the top keyholes on the posts. The quantity of joining beams used per bay is specified below.
  • Add extra bays as required.

3. Securing the Display

  • Secure each joining beam with the provided allen-head bolts.
  • Secure the post to the foot at the end of the run of bays with 2 x allen-head bolts.

4. Levelling the Display

  • Using a spirit level, adjust the glides on the display to ensure it is standing vertical and even across varying surfaces.

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