How to choose your carry bags for your store

Apex Display stocks the most extensive range of affordable priced retail carry bags suited for any retail store in Australia. We strive to stock the most environmentally friendly shopping bags available.

Please browse through our range of popular 100% recyclable and biodegradable, environmentally friendly paper bags. We stock Kraft and White Twisted Paper Bags, Kraft and White Rope Handle Bags, Black and White Gloss Bags and Coloured Paper Bags.

We would like to remind our customers that as of the 1st of September 2023, we will no longer be selling or distributing any Plastic Carry Bags, as part of the QLD Government “No Plastic” Policy

There are a ton of benefits to using paper bags rather than plastic bags.

Browse online for our selection of paper bags available for purchase in packs or by carton. Be sure to check out our pricing structure – we help you save whilst you spend.

Why choose Apex Display for your paper carry bags

Perfect for retail, Apex Display’s range of paper carry bags gives you plenty of ways to package your clothing items. For any fashion boutique or clothes store in Queensland, the paper shopping bags we have for sale help you stand out from your competitors.

Paper bags are made of strong and firm substances and can bear more weight than ordinary plastic bags. Paper bags have the advantage of being able to print on them. Thus, businesses can print different designs and logos to attract their customers and create a more personalised service. Also, paper bags follow the fashion trend and luxury lifestyle of people.

The popularity of paper bags has remained unpopular owing to several reasons. The very first reason is that large manufacturing industries and industrialized cartels support the use of plastic bags due to their high endurance, strength, and capability to protect products, increasing the shelf life of a product.

Plastic bags have remained successful for more than 5 to 6 decades. During those periods, the world witnessed a surge in pollution in the environment. People also witnessed increased effects of non-biodegradable waste during these times. Due to this, the global environment faced daunting challenges of environmental degradation.

Excessive use of plastic these days has affected marine life and proved disastrous for them. Several fish and land animals died due to the excessive use of plastic bottles and plastic bags. In the same way, land fertility was also affected and was degraded due to plastic deposits in the soil.

As a reliable retail bag supplier, we at Apex Display offer a variety of types to cater to different requirements of Australian businesses. Our shopping bags provide several features:

  • Environmentally Friendly: Made of biodegradable materials, our carry bags leave little impact on the environment.
  • Sturdy: Our paper bags are durable and won’t tear or get damaged easily.
  • Versatile: We offer bags of different shapes and sizes. Even after initial use, they can be reused for shopping and storage.
  • Save energy: paper bags are biodegradable and can be used again and again, making it fit for industries and organizations to make plenty of bags per day, so they save energy.
  • Protect the environment :  plastic bags add pollution to the environment and paper bags save and protect the environment because they can be used repeatedly.
  • Eco-friendly: our cling wrap, sustenance and espresso should not be limited to plastic. Paper bags must be our first choice because they are eco-friendly and can easily be carried.
  • Biodegradable and recyclable: paper bags can easily be used repeatedly. Those bags are eco-friendly as well as they are biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Durable and fashionable: paper bags stand high in comparison to plastic bags, and they give more stunning and eye-catching looks and are strong and reliable.
  • Create a unique identity for your brand: by picking a lucrative and eye-catching design for your customers, you can easily win their hearts and promote your brand’s identity.
  • Promote your brand effectively: standing and alluring paper carry bags are the promoters of a brand. These paper bags can also enhance your customer’s shopping experience.
  • Attract more customers: appealing and stunning paper bags attract more customers and generate high profit.


We accept orders of our shopping bags in bulk and smaller purchases. We also offer to custom print your bags. For enquiries, call 1800 111 488 or email [email protected].