UniSlot™ Wallmount

Designed with flexiblity in mind, Wallmount is customisable, easy-to-use and economical.

Unislot Wallmount Display System


UniSlot Wallmount is a simple shopfitting system, comprised of slotted posts, with a large range of merchandising accessories available to complement the system. The popular 40mm *pitch wide-slot post enables up to four fittings to clip into each slot for complete functionality in merchandising. *(pitch = distance from the top of one slot to the top of slot below).

1. Easy to merchandise

UniSlot has an extensive range of accessories that can be effortlessly arranged and rea-arranged to suit your changing merchandising needs. Choose from timber shelves, hangrails, crossbars, straight arms, hooks, back panels, display boxes and more.

Hide your walls with clip-in Slatwall or Peggie panels, with the ability to remove or replace them to transform your display as you wish. The huge number of combinations makes UniSlot Wallmount a versatile shop display system.

2. Easy to customise

Make it your own! UniSlot Wallmount can be used in 600, 900 and 1200mm bay widths to suit your available wall space. Create the arrangement you need to achieve the display you dream of. Customise the colour and adopt the style that suits your style by using a white, black or chrome metal finish.

3. Easy to install

UniSlot Wallmount posts can be flush mounted directly to a masonary wall or onto horizontal timber battens fixed to wall studs. Alternate mounting is “off the wall” with the optional offset mounts Suitable knowledge and tools are required: a drill, cordless screwdriver, a spirit level and suitable fixing hardware. If you are unsure, we recommend you seek assistance from our experienced sales team or a tradesman.

Unislot Wallmount For Retail Display

Timber finishes

UniSlot timber components are locally manufactured in our standard finishes – white, black and Native Oak.

We also manufacture UniSlot timber components in Premium Finishes  to support and reinforce your brand identity.

Think kitchen door colours, from Laminex, Formica, Polytec or FlexiPanel…

Metal finishes

UniSlot metal components are available in white and black powdercoat. Selected items are also available in chrome plated finish.

Thinking next level? UniSlot metal components can be powdercoated to match your brand.

Is UniSlot™ Wallmount right for you?

UniSlot Wallmount is a perfect and reliable option for retailers who need to cost-effectively maximise their retail space. This highly flexible and robust system accommodates for large display areas, and suitable for displaying most types of products.

As a fixed display system,UniSlot Wallmount is most suited to a personally owned or long-term lease shop. It provides for a neat and tidy retail environment, allowing your products to become the focal point of your customer’s attention.

UniSlot™ Wallmount Project Gallery

How to install UniSlot™ Wallmount

1. Plan and mark out your display area

Plan your display area depending on your requirements. Once you have your UniSlot components, mark the positions of your posts.

2. Mount your posts

UniSlot Wallmount posts should be mounted at 601, 901 or 1201mm W centres, depending on the flexibility required when merchandising. Click below to view the mounting methods for UniSlot Wallmount.

Mounting Methods for UniSlot™ Wallmount Posts

Fix directly to wall

Posts can be mounted directly to even and vertical brick or concrete walls with suitable wall fixings. UniSlot™ Wallmount posts have mounting holes for easy installation.

Fix to wall mounted battens

Posts can be fixed to wall mounted timber battens, eliminating the need to remove skirting boards or the need to use hollow-wall anchors on plasterboard walls.

Mount using Offset Mounts

Posts can be mounted approx. 70mm off the wall with Offset Mounts, creating a 'floating' look. Aside from aesthetics, Offset Mounts make installation around services such as electricity and water pipes easier.

Contact Apex Display to discuss your requirements.

3. Accessorise your display

Dress up your UniSlot display with our wide range of accessories to provide the maximum merchandising flexibility.

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