How to choose your clothes hangers for your store

Apex Display is a reputable supplier of Clothes Hangers in Australia, stocking an extensive range of Timber, Plastic and Metal Hangers. Our range includes Shirt, Clip or Combination styles, all available in Baby, Teenager and Adult sizes. Our popular range of Timber Hangers come in White, Black and Beech colours. The Plastic range includes the Longlife, Slimline and Rodforms styles which come in Black or White and are all competitively priced.

Our Clothes Hangers can be purchased only in cartons. Call us on 1800 111 488 for any inquiries.

  • Wooden Hangers

    Wooden Hangers

    Made out of natural wood, wooden hangers by Apex Display add a level of elegance to your shop. They come in a variety of sizes and designs that match the styling of any shop interior. Wooden hangers display your clothes in a pleasing fashion when organised on the clothing rack. Our Clothes Hangers can be purchased only in cartons. Call…
  • Plastic Hangers

    Plastic Hangers

    Plastic hangers are an essential item in the fashion industry. They are versatile and come in various styles, sizes and colours to match the requirements of any retail store. Economical yet durable, Apex Display’s retail plastic hangers keep clothes hanging neatly. Their smooth plastic surfaces won’t potentially snag garments and the thinner the profile of the hanger, the more garments…
  • Slimline Plastic Hangers

    Slimline Plastic Hangers

    Tight on space on your clothing racks? Need to fit in more stock? Slimline Plastic Hangers are the perfect solution to high-volume merchandising. These hangers are strong, thin and lightweight, perfect for hanging shirts, straps, jeans, skirts and more! Slimline Plastic Hangers are sold in full cartons only. For a longer lasting plastic hanger with all the same benefits of…

Why buying your clothing hangers with Apex Display

Apex Display’s range of hangers is an essential part of improving the display of retail stores. Clothes hangers keep items organised and tidy while optimising the available space in the closet or display rack.

  • Appearance: Available in metal, plastic or timber, our clothes hangers improve the appearance of your clothes and overall store display.
  • Durability: They can easily hold even heavy pieces of clothing.
  • Maintained Garment Shape: With shoulder notches or clips, our hangers keep clothes from slipping off whilst minimising wrinkles or damage.
  • Versatility: Our clothes hangers can hold all clothes – shirts, skirts, jackets, trousers and garments with straps.

Improve your display and add a touch of elegance to your garments with clothes hangers from Apex Display. Buy them in bulk in our online shop. For enquiries, call us on 1800 111 488 or email [email protected].