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Is it Time to Refit Your Shop?
5 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself

Retail fashion stores have a rhythm. After a new store opens there is an initial buzz, and before long, you settle down into the pace of retail – the sales, the styles and the seasons. Some years down the track you may discover that things seem to be slowing down. There aren’t as many customers as there used to be, and you and your staff haven’t got the same spring in your step as you once did. This could be due to a number of reasons, but most likely, it’s time for a refurb.

Ask yourself these 5 questions, and see if that’s the answer you arrive at.

1. Have you updated it in the last X years?

This can’t be a broad-scale fixed number, because this obviously changes from shop to shop. Some retail shop fitting are seasonal, transitional or suit a particular target market. However if you have owned the shop for 30 years and only updated it 15 years ago, it’s definitely time to refresh the look. In general, a shopfit that is all older than 5 years old will struggle to look fresh and modern. But it doesn’t all have to be done at once. Remember, the more often you update shop displays the more often your customers will tend to revisit your shop.

If your shop is identifiable as out-of-date… consider a refit

2. Is it current / modern?

This question relates to the shop’s design, but also the shop fitting direct ranges that your supplier stocks. Can you easily source extra shelves or cross bars to suit, when you get next season’s range in? Also, does it attract the people you are aiming for? Imagine you are your target consumer – does the store feel uplifting and inspiring? If it doesn’t appeal, you probably should have ordered your new shopfit yesterday.

Can you still source fittings to suit your current fitout?

3. Is it in good condition?

If a fixture is damaged, can it be repaired easily in a cost effective way? Consider whether the item is worth investing the time or additional money in. Why would you want to lose sales by having an uninviting shop? Nobody will want to spend money at a rundown store, and there is no excuse for carrying on with scratched, bent or dented fittings.

If your shopfit is looking neglected and you never have the time to fix it, get rid of it. It doesn’t matter how frugal you think you are. It isn’t going to spruce itself up.

Fittings in good condition aren’t noticeable, but rundown fittings will lose you sales

4. Does it suit the clothing ranges you sell?

This first refers to the dimensions. Does it actually fit coats/ evening gowns / swimsuits / ? However, this question also refers to whether it fits your shop’s style. Does that wall look out of place? Is it doing justice to your product range? Is the fitout showing off your range in a way that will attract your target customers (and their money)?

Do your fittings do justice to your range?

5. Do you love your shopfit?

Does your store environment make you feel enthusiastic?

Do you come in in the mornings with a spring in your step? If you are just feeling “meh” about it, it may be time to update. If you aren’t inspired by your surroundings, your customers won’t be.

Forget about “but it is still useable for storage/ for a spare /for sales…” thought process. Don’t risk your ideal customer coming through the doors to see an array of ugly fittings displaying your beautiful clothes …. The outcome won’t be great for your business.

Take action and wake up your business – contact us for details on refitting your entire shop, or even just a wall or corner. Your shop will benefit, your staff will thank you and your customers will come back!

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