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How Retail Floor Displays Affect Your Customer’s Experience

As a retail store owner, it’s given that your goal is to build a successful brand and run a profitable business. We understand this comes with hard work and determination. To help you achieve your goal, it’s important that you analyse your store layout. It is equally important to understand how your customers experience your store. To point you in the right direction, here is how retail floor displays affect your customer’s experience

The Facts! Factors that influenced customers’ buying behaviour

In 2014 the International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research conducted a research study. This study investigated various instore factors that influenced customers’ buying behaviour.

Their findings proved that item presentation and store fixtures make up approximately 30% of a consumer’s buying decision. Other factors like lighting, sound, colour, aroma, and pricing make up for the rest.

The image a store creates is an essential factor that affects in-store consumer behaviour. By using the correct retail floor display, you create traffic paths within your retail store, contributing to product sales and overall potential profit.

Organising your merchandise with floor displays

An untidy and cluttered store presents customers with a negative visual stimulation, resulting in poor customer experience. When a customer struggles to see what your store sells, they often become frustrated. This leads to an increased number of walk-out.

Keeping your store neat and organised is essential. Using retail floor displays will make it easier to optimise your visual merchandising and customer experience. Floor displays allow for product merchandising in small sections, preventing overcrowding.

UniSlot H Frame Gondola

Being strategic about your store floor plan

The most common type of floor layout plan used in clothing boutiques is the freeform layout. The design purpose of this layout is to increase the ease of which a customer can find products throughout the store. This floor design increases the browsing time of customers, leading to an increase in sales.

The freeform layout plan makes use of shop furniture such as retail floor display units. These displays feature low set shelves combined with hanging space. Floor displays keep your stock at eye level for the customer. Making use of gondola’s will help customers maintain a clear sight line throughout the store.

Merchandise maintenance

Keeping your shop furniture functional is essential to maintaining your merchandise. Having customers walk past empty shelves is never a good impression for the store. The use of floor display cabinets help ensure you can refresh your merchandise in a quick and smooth motion. By doing this, you can keep your store ready for a customer to browse with little to no downtime, improving the customer experience.

Create brand consistency using your store aesthetic

Retail floor displays serve more purpose than just displaying stock. These display stands also add to the overall aesthetic of your retail store.

The study conducted in 2014, highlighted the store’s atmosphere has a significant impact on the customer’s experience. The store layout and the furniture used, create visual stimulation that contributes to the overall in-store experience for the customer.

Using retail floor displays, you can customise the look and feel of displays throughout your store. These shop displays can be personalised to match your wall fixtures. By doing this, you create brand consistency.

Creating a focal point in your retail store

Having a focal point within your retail store is an integral part of your floor layout. Using floor displays to create a focal point will draw customer’s attention to the products on the display.

There are a number of ways to create a focal point in your store. The most common method used to create an eye catching display is by using a floor display that can be merchandised in a unique way. These focal points should complement the rest of the retail store while still inviting the customer in.

H Frame Gondola

Floor displays, such as the H-Frame Gondola’s are versatile and lightweight. These displays are perfect for creating focal points within your retail store. Because they are modular, they are perfect for rearranging your store layout quickly and easily.

The intelligent design of the UniSlot H-Frame Gondola provides endless merchandising flexibility. Learn more about the UniSlot H-Frame Gondola here.

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