Clothing Racks – How They Benefit Your Business

Clothing Racks  – How They Benefit Your Business

As a retail business owner, it’s crucial to have a visually appealing and functional space for you and your customers. A good balance between presentation and store layout is important for achieving success.. By using designer clothes racks, you create a good balance in your store.


The Advantages Of Clothing Racks In Your Business


Garment Racks are one of the simplest ways to organise your retail store. They work effectively to separate stock, so products are more accessible for your consumers to browse through. You can sort stock by size, colours, styles, categories or brands.

You can also use the layout and position of these racks to create traffic flow within your store. Clothing racks organise floor stock and prevent customers from going into restricted areas, like around the cash register.


Browser Friendly

Clothing racks offer a simplified browsing experience and less work for your staff. Garment Racks are better than shelves for clothes because they don’t need constant refolding. Customers can easily find what they want.

Another advantage is your clothes will stay wrinkle-free, enabling you to sell them as ‘ready-to-wear’ without ironing.

Easy Promotion of Sale and New Items

Clothing racks can also play an essential role in your store’s sales. Strategically place clothes racks to showcase new and promoted items, making them stand out from the rest of your stock. You can use these racks to group similar products. This makes it easy for customers to find all parts of an outfit in one place.


Types of Retail Clothing Racks

Industrial Single Rail Clothes Rack with Garment

  • Four-Way Racks. These racks work to present all sides of the merchandise to your customers. This allows your customers to see and compare other pieces on the same rack easily.
  • Single Rail Racks. These are the most popular and accessible racks available. They are easy to move and utilise in any retail space.
  • Travellers Racks. Stores that frequently change their layout commonly use these. Stores that require portable racks use them to move stock to and from their storage area.
  • Industrial Display Rack with Timber Top and Base. These racks display merchandise on the sales floor, presenting stock in a more elegant way than a conventional rack.


Apex Display’s Range Of Heavy Duty Z Racks

Our heavy-duty Z racks offer truly industrial strength to withstand continual use in warehouse environments. Our strong Z rack is perfect for displaying heavy items like leather jackets or wedding dresses. It has a sturdy design and support braces.

This rack has a stronger base brace, so it can hold more weight than most z-racks. The clothes rack is strong and has a 32mm rail instead of the usual 25mm rail. This makes it more sturdy than other Z Racks.


How To Choose Which Clothes Racks To Use For My Store?

Apex Display stocks an extensive range of retail clothing racks that help Australian retailers succeed. Our pricing for garment racks is competitive for the quality of the product. Our product range includes:

Salesman’s Racks (both single and double rail)

Traveller’s Racks (both single and double rail)

Double Bar Racks

Heavy Duty Z Racks

Two-Way Racks

Designer Racks

Make a lasting impression and boost sales with our sturdy garment racks. Select from our range today or visit Apex Display at our showroom in Brisbane to check out our range of racks.


Why Buy Your Retail Clothing Racks With Us?

Designed for displaying and storing garments, Apex Display’s clothes racks are an excellent way to showcase clothing. They keep apparel organised and decrease the risk of damage whilst optimising shop floor space.

Entice your customers as they peruse your clothes. Keeps your stock tidy with our clothing hanging racks.

Allow your customers to browse through rows of garments easily. Our portable clothing racks are easily moveable around the shop. They are ideal for changing your store layout regularly.

Our display racks offer these features and benefits for retail stores:

  • Made of heavy-duty steel for durability
  • Clean and smooth finish to fit in any interior décor
  • Adjustable-height rails
  • Heavy-duty wheels that allow for easy transport of the rack from one area to another
  • Wheel locks that keep your garment rack in place


Our heavy duty clothes rack are a simple solution for your fashion boutiques, showrooms and stores. Purchase them today here at Apex Display.

We deliver clothes racks to Brisbane and other areas in Australia every day except holidays. To learn more about our products, call 1800 111 488 or email [email protected]. Our showroom is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Be Shop Ready With Apex Display

If you’re looking for the perfect shop fittings and display solutions for your retail store, you need Apex Display. We design and manufacture a variety of racking and shelving solutions for retail stores. With a range of both stocked product and made-to-order items we have your retail needs covered. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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