Mannequins standing in a shopping mall

Choosing the Clothes

  1. Prepare the outfits before dressing – steam and remove/hide any tags.
  2. Try to choose clothing that fits the mannequin best – yes, you can pin it afterwards but this can deceive consumers about the cut of clothes.
  3. If you have to dress mannequins in a hurry, choose skirts and dresses rather than pants, as they are easier to put on and you are less likely to cause damage
  4. Stretch fabrics are easier to clothe the mannequins in
  5. Never dress a mannequin without completely dismantling it first.


Preparation of the Mannequin

  1. Place a plastic bag or foam covering over the mannequin’s head to avoid any damage to the face throughout the entire dressing process.
  2. Lay dismantled mannequin parts on a soft surface (such as a drop sheet) to avoid chipping
  3. Wear gloves so you don’t scratch the paint on the mannequin, or at least remove hand jewellery.


The Dressing Stages

  1. Most mannequins can be separated at the waist. Dress the mannequin below the waist first.
  2. Don’t do up any zips or buttons until all clothing is on the mannequin, to avoid inadvertent scratches.
  3. If you are putting pants, leggings or footwear on the mannequin, place the torso upside down on the ground to stabilize.
  5. Use two people to position pants or leggings on the legs – and detach the legs from the torso if necessary
  6.  After the lower half of the mannequin is dressed, stand it in position on the baseplate. It will be a lot easier than moving the fully clothed mannequin there later!
  7. To dress the upper half of the mannequin, attach the torso to the lower half, but do not attach the arms yet.
  8. Thread the arms (without hands attached) down each sleeve then attach the arm to the torso.
  9. Carefully attach hands – these are the most fragile part of the body.
  10. Do up all fastenings …. gently! Metal zips and buttons can scratch the surface of the mannequin.


Styling the Mannequin

  1. Stand back from the mannequin for an overall view prior to final styling tweaks
  2. Style the clothing for added character – roll up sleeves and cuffs, turn up or unbutton collars etc.
  3. Carefully position the wig, add headwear and accessories to humanize your mannequin.
  4. Check for neatness – Steam out any creases that have appeared, straighten seams and necklines

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