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These days everyone knows that you should have some products at the counter for impulse buys, but not everyone knows how to do it strategically. In 2002, a study was made which found that almost one-third of customers make unplanned purchases every week. You want to make sure you’re seeing your share of these sales!

Strategy, when it comes to impulse buys, it really comes down to 4 points.

1.      Think like a customer when choosing products for your counter.

Customers aren’t suddenly going to want something that has been on the shelf since last season. If they haven’t been buying it already, there’s a reason.

They aren’t going to want an investment item without thinking about it. They aren’t going to notice a boring basic. Finally, it has to be relevant to your customer. If they are there buying something for their children, the counter buys should also be for children.

2.      Focus their attention – don’t confuse customers with multiple objects

If you can’t see the counter for products, it’s safe to predict your customer will be spending their whole time looking for the cashier and ignoring the products! Offer a maximum of 3 products or product ranges. Make the products uncomplicated so the customer can make a decision straight away about them.

3.      Have products at the right price

The thought process for an item less than $10 is a lot quicker than if they were investing $50 or $100. This increases your chances of success at the shop counters. It’s not as hard to part with $10, and if the goods are shoplifted, you, the shop owner, won’t have lost as much. (Of course, these products should have margins to cover theft as well).

4.      Correct signage will attract your customer

While it is logical to have signage for your impulse buys like “2 for 1” or “New Arrivals” don’t stop there! Inspire their imagination with wording like “The gift you had forgotten” or “Just in time for Spring Cleaning”.

Don’t miss out on sales!

Cosmetics is the ideal product type for counter upsell, as they are usually inexpensive and rewarding

Even food stores can harness impulse buying

Remember, impulse buys can really add to your bottom line. If 10 customers per day spend $10 more than they would have otherwise, the effort and time you have spent on setting up the counter strategically is paid off very soon!

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