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Why the UniSlot™ Modular Display System is the Right Shop Fittings Choice for Your Retail Store

Many independent retailers have been hit hard in 2020/21. As a result, they are searching for shopfitting solutions that make merchandising and customising easy. This helps them put their best foot forward.

Shop fittings direct consumers toward new purchases, present inventory in an eye-catching way, and ensure that your store feels up-to-date and welcoming. At Apex Display, we understand that browsing is one of the most important actions in a retail store. Therefore beautifully presented displays that are easy to sort through are key. So, if you’re looking for a good place to start with your retail “take two” then new shop fittings are the way to go.

However, given the challenges of running a retail business even at the best of times, many independent retailers are facing a dilemma: having a quality and aesthetically pleasing store on the one hand, and their budget on the other.

Thankfully, the UniSlot™ modular display system by Apex Display offers balance. In this blog we will explain the important benefits of UniSlot™ and how you can quickly achieve a remarkable shop fitout even on a budget.

High Quality Customisable Shop Fittings on a Budget:

There is a gap between cheap and poor quality shopfittings (usually purchased online), and bespoke custom made shopfits. Our modular display systems, in particular UniSlot™, fills that gap.

Our timber shelves and cabinetry are Australian Made. You will notice we use the Australian Made logo for all the shelves, counters and UniSlot™ timber componentry that we make.

Our modular display system offers out of the box retail solutions. Independent retailers can save time and money without expensive custom design and extensive on-site work.

How Much DIY is Involved in UniSlot™?

Some modular systems are easier than others to put together, and the level of DIY depends on both the display system and individual skills.

Overall, any handy person can quickly put together a modular system from the UniSlot™ range, without specific cabinet-making or shopfitting skills. This is why we say UniSlot™ is easy to merchandise, easy to customise, and easy to build.

You can have the premium shop fittings you always wanted without the premium price tag.

Invest in your Retail Layouts

Apex Display offers large department stores and independent retailers effortless, functional and seamless shopfittings that display products at their best. Get in touch today to discuss further or take a look at our UniSlot range.

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  1. An informative piece! The UniSlot Modular Display System seems like an excellent shop-fitting choice for retail stores. Its versatility and practicality make it a game-changer in enhancing visual appeal and maximizing space efficiency. #RetailStore #ShopFitting #UniSlotDisplay #VisualAppeal #SpaceEfficiency

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