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Why You Need a Modular Retail Gondola in Your Store

Store Layout

Your shop aesthetic and layout is an important element to your retail store’s overall success. Choosing the correct retail displays will contribute positively to the way consumers experience your store. Therefore, an easy way to give your customers a better shopping experience, is to use retail gondolas.

There are a few important elements to consider when planning your store layout,  these include:

  • Consumer Experience

  • Buyers Journey

  • Product Placement

  • Operational Efficiency

The layout of your store plays an important part in your overall success. Therefore, to better optimise your store, you should take note of the following :

Consumer experience and the importance of a Retail Modular Gondola:

A well-designed store will be easy to navigate by customers, whilst directing customers strategically through the store. Customers need to be able to move around the store easily and freely but still in an organised manner. Using shop displays such as retail gondolas can easily segment the layout of the store and maximise the potential merchandising space. The aisles created with Modular gondolas are low, which offers better line of sight.

Consumer experience and the importance of a Retail Modular Gondola

Product placement:

It is important to spend sufficient time planning the layout and design of your store. Also have a plan of how much inventory you need on display. As this will determine the placement of your displays and fixtures. Strategic placement of your merchandising displays is an important part of customer experience. Furthermore, it improves product visibility and it’s overall desirability. Using dynamic store displays such as retail gondolas offer merchandising flexibility. Thereby ensuring your products can be placed systematically and strategically.


Floor Display Gondola

Operational Efficiency within your retail store:

An effective and meticulous store layout improves the overall operational efficiency of a retail store. The layout should consider various factors such as customer flow, queues, checkout areas, and customer service areas.

Using modular retail gondolas in your store layout can improve the overall layout and functionality of a retail store and display, whilst improving the aesthetic and effective merchandising options.

The benefits of using a UniSlot modular retail gondola are:


The UniSlot™ Modular Retail Gondolas can function as a Shelving Unit, hanging rack or a hybrid of both. You can use them as a stand alone retail display island or create aisles by joining multiple gondolas together, thereby creating additional merchandising space. Because UniSlot is modular, you can display your products at different eye levels.

Modular retail gondolas can assist with the center-of-floor displays or be adjusted to create aisles within the retail store, increasing merchandising space within your retail store.


Gondolas provide good opportunities for cross-selling and promoting customers’ impulse purchases. Using modular retail gondola’s to strategically place related or complimentary stuff together, can encourage customers to consider and purchase related items.


Gondolas can be created in various sizes and configurations, allowing retail store owners to customise the layouts based on the specific needs of the products they are merchandising.

Adapting to seasons and trends:

Australia experiences very distinct seasons, requiring the store merchandising to remain dynamic. Retail Gondola’s offer flexibility in adapting to these changes and trends without requiring big purchases and expensive upgrades throughout the year, using the adjustable shelving and display hooks, ensuring your store remains relevant.

Warmth and Hospitality:

Retail displays need to be inviting for the customer to experience the retail store in a friendly and positive way. Using retail gondolas makes it possible to structure your displays to create an effortless customer journey. Gondolas can be used to enhance a personal touch and attention to detail for the customer.

In the retail industry, the modular retail gondola stands as a powerful part of a retail display to engage customers more effectively. By using retail gondolas, you are more easily able to visually merchandise your products strategically and invite customers in and drive your sales.

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