Effective visual merchandising is key to running a successful retail store. Often we spend time training staff how to upsell and cross-sell, without considering whether our displays and product presentation is attracting and engaging to the shopper. If you can maintain a strategy for frequent visual merchandising, your store will be more profitable. 

When shopper walks into a store, they instinctively take a mental picture of their surroundings. 

If your displays haven’t changed, and the merchandising isn’t up to par, there’s a good chance they won’t have a memorable experience. 

So even it your store ‘s current layout and presentation works, you should encourage the habit of changing it regularly. Good is the enemy of great and over time , shoppers will grow tired of seeing the same shop. 

The effort and emphasis you put into your retail displays will reflect in your sales.

The key to making visual merchandising enjoyable is in your store displays. If it takes a hammer and screwdriver to move the shelves and hanging rails around, I can guarantee you won’t be moving your displays often. 

The UniSlot ™ shopfitting system has been designed for flexibility and ease of use. Moving a shelf is effortless, and changing from side to front-on hanging to highlight a product is just as simple. 

With UniSlot™, visual merchandising isn’t daunting, and by investing in this cost-effective, easy to build shopfitting system, you can unleash the potential of your brand. 

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