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UniSlot™ Cube



Introducing UniSlot™ Cube…

Cube is our newest addition to the UniSlot™ range. A retail game-changer, Cube provides endless possibilities with a small number of components. By dividing the store into small sections, UniSlot™ Cube enables customers to focus on different labels, product ranges, colours or sizes.

Cube is a freestanding system, perfect for retailers in today’s fast-changing fashion, homewares and sporting industries. Constructed with fully-welded frames, visual merchandisers are offered the flexibility of forward and rear hanging. The frames are simply bolted together to form 600, 900 or 1200mm bays to suit the desired store theme.

Open your merchandising talent to the flexibility of the full range of UniSlot™ accessories – from clip-in timber slat wall or pegboard back panels to shelves, hangrails and display hooks. Add your unique touch to UniSlot™ Cube by selecting customised timber finishes – without breaking the bank!

Build your cube display in 3 simple steps

SU1454WH White UniSlot Cube End Frame
SU1454BK Black UniSlot Cube End Frame

Step 1: Choose your end frame

460 D x 2445mm H
Freestanding end frame with two block punched 50 x 25mm posts facing inwards. Requires UniSlot™ Cube cross beams to create a freestanding display. Includes adjustable glides.

SU1627WH 900mm White UniSlot Cube Cross Beam
SU1627BK 900mm Black UniSlot Cube Cross Beam

Step 2: Join with cross beams

50 x 25mm metal cross beams for joining UniSlot™ Cube end frames to create a freestanding bay. Includes fixing bolts and pins to support UniSlot™ Cube. Available in 600mm, 900mm & 1200mm bay widths.
Four cross beams required per bay.

Step 3: Accessorise your Cube Display

The block punch post design accepts UniSlot™ accessories such as shelves, hangrails, display hooks and back panels. This enables for flexibility for merchandising and brings you greatest return on your stock.


Need inspiration?

Check out some retail stores that have used the simple and versatile UniSlot™ Cube Display to create attractive displays.

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