The Most Efficient Display Options to Consider for Apparel Stores

Whether it be display tables, garment racks, or accessory fixtures, deliberating on which display options to select for your own clothing store can be a challenging task. Determining the right products which are both functional and eye-catching for a space. As well as choosing the size and materials to showcase a certain style and attitude that an apparel store is trying to portray to their customers. Luckily, clothing stores have plenty of options when it comes to effective displays. By simply evaluating the categories available and comparing them to each other, you can craft an effective strategy for visual merchandising for your clothing store.

Garment Racks

Industrial Display Rack With Timber Top And Base. The Most Efficient Display Options to Consider for Apparel Stores

By far the most common display option for apparel stores is garment racks. There is an array of product types that fall under this display option, with many different configurations that are adaptable to a store. The most common types feature long stretches of the rack, which allow customers to slowly wander down the stand to browse the clothes on display. In some circumstances, these racks are circular or feature multiple levels to hang the clothes on. Garment racks are considered the most efficient and organised of the display options available. Allowing a large number of products to be on display, with shoppers able to access a range of apparel easily without creating disarray. These racks can be presented against the walls to create more space or scattered about the store in a free-flowing layout, with a mixture of layout options achievable to capture a shopper’s attention.

Display Tables

Display tables are also a common preference for apparel stores and can host a myriad of product varieties. Able to be versatile to each store, display tables can include both nesting tables or multiple level tables, able to showcase a range of merchandise such as clothes, shoes, or jewellery. The benefit of display tables is the ability to change the store’s appearance easily. Providing a large amount of room for store owners to work with, letting them get creative and designing ever changing themes on the tables, whether it be implementing seasons, colours, or topics into the displays. A negative to display tables is that clutter that can occur. Items can be lost in piles, with customers tossing discarded products onto the section to create a messy look. Resulting in constant cleaning and monitoring from staff necessary to keep up the store’s professional appearance.


The Most Efficient Display Options to Consider for Apparel Stores

Mannequins are the embodiment of visual merchandising in apparel stores. Showcasing the best products in a context that gives the customer a clear visual of the product in use. Used to promote the products by blending a range of items together to create one outfit that can appeal to a wide range of customers. Mannequins can range in size and style, with full bodies in a range of model poses, or smaller half torso or heads to simply display a couple of items instead of an entire outfit. This display option can also promote impulse visits and buys to your store, with shoppers able to visualise a product on themselves easier, and therefore are more likely to purchase without reservation. 

Accessory Fixtures

Although not necessary for all apparel stores, an accessory fixture can encourage additional spending. Aimed to promote multiple purchases at once, with the accessories endorsing shoppers to ‘complete the look’, doing a one-stop shopping experience. This effective method of display allows the store’s accessories to not fall through the cracks and gives a better vantage point to encourage customers to increase their purchases. 

At Apex Display we supply Australian businesses with a wide range of high-quality display options. Allowing you to stand out from your competitors and create a functional and eye-catching retail store.

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