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Apex Display stocks a range of affordable Adult and Children Mannequins available for sale for retail stores in Brisbane and other parts of Australia. These are available in both Male and Female Fibreglass Mannequins in Realistic and Abstract options. The most popular range includes our Skin and White Realistic Mannequins with a range of Blonde and Brunette Wigs to suit. We also supply the Children Mannequins and Bendy Kids which come in White. Our Abstract Mannequins only come in a Gloss White and provide a great display option for retail stores. It’s important to remember Mannequins are the silent salesman in your shop so consider wisely with your investment. Browse our website or come to our showroom to view our range of Mannequins.

  • Male and Female Realistic Mannequins

    Male and Female Realistic Mannequins

    Create eye-catching store displays with Apex Display’s range of realistic male and female mannequins. With their life-like facial features and poses, our mannequins provide customers with a fabulous picture of how the displayed products will look in real life. They flatter all types of clothing merchandise and reinforce the idea that your store is on the cutting edge of fashion.…
  • Plastic Mannequins

    Plastic Mannequins

    Mannequins are invaluable assets for your store. They are renowned for being the retail ‘silent salesmen’. They grasp the attention of potential buyers, and help to highlight the latest trends. They help customers visualise what the displayed garment and fashion accessories could look like on them, while guiding them through a broader range of products. Plastic mannequins fulfil their mission…

Mannequins help stores display their latest merchandise. Apex Display’s range of male and female mannequins are the perfect way to create store displays that attract customers and entice them with your products.

Buying our mannequins is beneficial to your retail store in several ways:

  • Mannequins are your silent salesman in your store and boost sales as they provide a visual appeal to customers.
  • Mannequins are used to display new and trending merchandise
  • They can be used in retail store window fronts to influence customers into the store
  • Mannequins in good condition provide aesthetical appeal to your retail store.
  • They are available in a range of poses and skin colours to provide options when selecting the mannequin best for your store

To buy individual or wholesale mannequins, visit www.apexdisplay.com.au. View our range of mannequins online or in our showroom. Our showroom is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

For enquiries, call 1800 111 488 or email sales@apexdisplay.com.au.

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