The 10 Worst Things Your Shop Fit Out Can Have

Are you thinking of upgrading your shop fitout or opening a new store? Furnishing retail stores can be confusing. Every small detail in the store creates an impact on your business and its potential success.

Making mistakes that will impact these details are easy to make. However, these mistakes are easily avoidable to ensure maximum retail success.

A confusing layout

Your retail store should not be a maze for your customers to navigate. This layout will leave your customers feeling frustrated and confused in your store.

This will lower the chance of you being able to close the sale. Logically arranged products and aisles are optimal whilst keeping signage visible.

Plan your floor layout to best suit your store and take advantage of the possibilities. Use tools such as a planogram, before laying out your retail store.

Bad lighting

We have said it before, and we will say it again: bad lighting kills sales. The term “bad lighting” is a general term that does not just mean low lighting. This can also refer to light fixtures that do not complement the rest of your store fit-out.

Using the wrong colour of lighting in your retail store creates a negative perception of your retail products. Good lighting in a store can subtly influence the buying decision of a customer.

Aisles that are difficult to access

Having aisles in your retail store that are tight and hard to move comfortably through creates frustration with the customer. This can then mean they will be less likely to move through your store and browse. This eventually leads to a decreased ROI with fewer customers in your store.

Your aisles should be wide enough for two people to bend and look at items on either side. This method ensures that the aisles are wide enough for a variety of circumstances to occur. This ensures that retail aisles are wide enough for people using prams or wheelchairs.


Overloaded shelves, which will bow in time

Consider your retail store merchandise before choosing your method of shelving. Spacing out your wall posts across your store is a great way to make your shelving look more streamlined. However, this support structure will not be able to support much weight before the shelves start bending.

Consider your retail store spacing to find the best option. Ensure your products receive the structure they need before installing a shop fit-out based on appearance alone.

An inefficient too-small counter

Waiting in line at a retail store is never a pleasant experience. If your store counter is too small, you can’t host the appropriate number of cashiers. This will create a checkout queue, leading to customers becoming frustrated and could even abandon their purchases. Customers are less likely to return to your store if they had a bad experience.

Design your store with consideration of the rest of the store.

Unmarked glass walls – people will run into them

Unmarked glass walls do make for a stylish and seamless design, but present a health and safety concern for customers. Using glass walls creates a modern and edgy feel in your retail store, however, can often do more harm than good.

Consider using identifying markers when using glass, such as tint or signage. This ensures the customer is able to see the difference between the glass from the rest of the room.

Poorly designed fitting rooms

If a customer does not feel good when trying on clothes in your store, they will not buy them. This also applies to the environment you create for the customers in your fitting room.

When deciding on your fitting room it is important to choose your space carefully. The fitting room should be comfortable for your customers to use as well as help them feel secure. A well-thought-out fitting room can help the customer feel good when trying on clothes. This can help close the sale.


No ‘decompression space’ for customers

Creating a clutter-free space for your customers, in your store is as important as your branding is. There are times when the phrase “less is more” is very important in your retail space.

It is important to keep the front entry of your retail store clean and organised. This space allows the customer to take in their surroundings when entering your store. This section helps customers relax without their surroundings becoming stressful.

No allowance for future changes

When planning the layout and furniture of your shop, consider any future activities. Fashion changes relatively fast with new trends as well as the seasons changing. This means that any methods you use for merchandising might not be useful when the styles of clothing change.

Spending your entire budget on static shop fittings will leave your store outdated in no time. When choosing a shop fit-out, consider the need to change your fittings to cater to changing merchandise. This can mean saving some budget to refresh the store in a short space of time. You can also consider investing in a shop fit-out that you can easily change around when you need to.

No inspection of the space prior to committing

Last but not least, inspect the space before you sign any agreements. You need to know that you can set up signage and attach anything to the walls if needed. and make any alterations to make the space work for you.

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