Fine Tune Your Retail Space – Part 1 – Colour & Light

Fine Tune Your Retail Space - Part 1 - Colour & Light

Building a successful retail space is no easy feat. Bricks and mortar stores distinguish themselves from online trade by creating in-person brand experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Apex Display we are passionate about getting your retail store just right, whether you need shopfitting solutions, retail store supplies, clothes hangers in bulk, or just need help with how to display dresses in a boutique.

Unislot and SlatWall fittings have been used by top brands such as Ralph Lauren, Australian Open, Variety Living, My Bridal Centre, and many more. What makes the Apex Display difference is our attention to detail and our trustworthy local manufacturing process right here in Australia.

If you would like tips on how to best arrange your retail store from Australia’s leading shop fittings supplier, read on.

Consider the Bigger Picture

Sometimes retailers become stuck in the small details of their products and forget the bigger picture. However, when it comes to planning your shop design, retail strategists like Francesca Nicasio encourage a more holistic approach: “When cooking up retail design ideas, make it a point to think about the big picture,” she writes. “What’s the overall experience that you’d like shoppers to have? What feelings do you want to evoke? The answers to these questions will help you craft retail designs that make a strong impression on your customers.”


At Apex Display we believe making a big impression is central to what you do as a retail store. We are moving into the era of “experiential retail” where bricks and mortar shopping intersects with entertainment value. Retail shops need a “wow” factor to bring people in through the door. But to build a retail space that leaves a big impression, it helps to take a step back.

Clearing the space so you can see the bare bones will help you visualise its capacity and potential. However, one of the most frequently overlooked features in a retail space is not just the store fittings or interactive features, but the walls.

Painting the Walls in Retail

Aim to put your brand colours not just on the shop fittings but on the walls, too, to give your customers a visual experience of your brand.

You can opt for one feature wall, small colour accents such as on the skirting boards or even the roof, or an all-encompassing colour palette, depending on the personality of your brand and merchandise.

Patterns, fabric and wallpaper can also be incorporated to further enhance the space, making it perfectly prepped for the shop fittings to come.

Whether you prefer understated neutrals or bright pops of colour, beautifully presented walls are going to entice curious customers through the door, so start there.

Shine a Light on Your Brand

Another key consideration is the light and light fixtures. Lighting is critical in retail, where it is used to literally “spotlight” items and show them at their best.

Lighting is also another area where you can show your brand at its best, with customised and thoughtful features from fixtures, to lamps, to impressive lighting displays – the options are practically endless.

Coco Chanel’s showroom staircase famously slopes down to stop under a chandelier, but you don’t have to go that far. Just ensure that your space is well lit with diffused light, and use spotlights to draw attention toward, and not away from, your display areas. 

Ready to Elevate Your Retail Space?

Apex Display works with individual retailers, large department stores and international names to create bright, functional interior spaces that show products at their best.  Get in touch today to discuss the possibilities today.

Need more tips? Check out part 2 of “How to Fine Tune Your Retail Space” where we talk about shop fittings and fragrance.

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