Make Your Store Customer-Ready Again!

Whether you’ve been dealing with a series of lockdowns or struggling against the decrease in foot traffic, many shelves for shop windows and displays areas are looking tired and empty. Some of us are no doubt surprised to learn that the daily hustle and bustle of customers and staff, new stock and seasonable trends is what keeps stores feeling lively and bright. Without them things start to come undone. Worse still, when customers see half-stocked, dirty or badly arranged stores they instinctively leave and go elsewhere, which makes launching back into action even more difficult. Just a few missing items on a shelf can lead customers to decide that your store isn’t up to scratch. So, before you fly into “business as usual” again, make sure your store is customer-ready. Unsure what we mean by customer-ready? Don’t know where to start? Read on.

Get Customer Ready

If your shop doors have been closed for several (or more) days then it’s time to set things right. The best place to start is with a clean-up similar to a spring clean – such as dusting, wiping down surfaces and mopping or vacuuming. In terms of your display areas and shelves, they’re hot spots for dust and cobwebs, so it pays to go over your entire shop with a surface cleaner and cloth.

Other hot spots are your heavy-traffic areas, such as the check-out and change rooms if you have those.

Customers will be put-off by dust on products as well, so take care to check your products and display items, and consider investing in a garment steamer if you work in fashion retail to keep your garments looking the part.

Reopening is also a good opportunity to reassure customers that your approach to COVID-19 is appropriate. Store signage and well-positioned hand sanitiser stations can help reassure customers that it’s safe to enter and browse again.

Update Shop Fittings to Cover Gaps

If you have been forced to reduce stock, or are still waiting on a shipment, then your shop floor may be looking a little lacklustre. A half-empty shop is also off-putting to customers but this can be easily fixed with better shop fittings and creative display tactics.

Versatile shop fittings such as our Slatwall display system can be changed and adapted so you don’t have any empty shelves or product containers. Instead, you can make reduced inventory look intentional by filling in the newly available space with interesting display features.

Similarly, our UniSlot™ and MAXe shop fittings are endlessly customisable so you can add or subtract shelves, hooks and hangrails as required.

Play to your Products’ Strengths

When it comes to clothing and soft furnishings, make sure you have at least some products displayed without any packaging, so customers can feel the fabric and get a tactile appreciation for the products.

Similarly, with things like perfumes, a tester bottle can go a long way in selling your product with little to no effort on your part.

In terms of your shop fittings, make sure that they’re displaying your products in a way that is convenient, neat and well thought-out.

Our UniSlot display system helps you put a wide variety of products of different styles and dimensions together, so your customers can effortlessly browse through the entire selection on offer.

Need a Retail Rehaul?

Sometimes even the best retail store needs an overhaul. At Apex Display we work with individual retailers, large department stores and international brands to create high-quality retail spaces that showcase products at their best. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

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