What to put in High Traffic Areas of your shop

If you read our post on Planograms a couple of months ago, you would be familiar with the term ‘high traffic’. Remember, a high traffic area of your shop is an area where many of your customers pass through in your store.  It is highly visible and products placed there get the most attention. Therefore, it is important to place products that will bring in the most revenue in the high traffic areas.


If there are a lot of people going past, give them something to look at!

Look at your store layout. What are the areas that most people pass as they come into your shop and browse? Spend time observing customer movements. Where do they turn when they enter?  In what area is the floor most worn? 

One common high traffic area is the space just after the ‘Decompression Zone’   at least 1.5 metres from the entrance. If you place items closer to the entrance your customers won’t notice – they are still familiarizing themselves with the environment. The space in front of the counter is also a high traffic area as it is where anyone committed to purchasing stands. There may be other similar spaces such as areas in front of displays, change rooms or demonstration tables.

The products to place in high traffic areas should give you the greatest revenue, and are ones that customers believe are a good buy. Your existing bestsellers are the most obvious choice. These are already popular with your customer base so you could assume that they will also interest new customers. Also consider high-profit items. These have a good mark-up on them so giving them the greatest opportunity to sell will potentially have a good payback for you. Finally, products that are memorable, well publicised or unique are perfect for these areas. It is likely that people who visit want to see them. By putting them in high traffic areas, you are giving these products the greatest exposure.

Displays that stop customers in their tracks should be set up in these areas. Called ‘speed bumps’ in the VM world, these displays slow customers down and get them to linger longer in your store. Of course, statistics show the longer someone lingers, the more likely they are to buy. Ensure your ‘speed bumps’ are displays that appeal to the five senses for the greatest appeal to customers.

Not every store has the same design but every store has high traffic areas. Don’t ignore them – experiment to find the best way to make the most of these areas.  Don’t forget to change displays often to keep your regulars interested!

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