Advantages of Clothing Racks in Retail Stores

The Advantages of Clothing Racks in Retail

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Practically all fashion retailers use clothing racks to display their garments. A clothing rack is the most easy and intuitive way to present stock, enabling you to hang your clothes so that they remain crease-free and presentable, while also taking up a small amount of space. 

Clothing racks also allow you to store your garments along rails, making inventory seamless and efficient, and customers also find it convenient to browse through clothing hanging racks, in fact, it’s practically intuitive.

At Apex Display, we understand that browsing is one of the most important actions to encourage in a retail store. Beautifully kept displays that are easy to sort through help customers to find their size and encourage them to look around until they find something they like. Based on the AIDA sales method, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action, clothing racks enable customers to sustain their interest in your store offerings.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of clothing racks for retail.

Benefits of Clothing Racks for Retail Management

Advantages of Clothing Racks in Retail Stores

Clothing Racks Keep Stores Organised

Clothing racks allow you to arrange clothing by size, colour, style or even label. Whatever set up works best for your store, clothing racks enable you to put everything together neatly.

Clothing Racks Maximise Floor Space

As clothing racks allow you to hang clothing vertically, each garment takes up only a small slice of space, and you can fit a large amount of clothing into one rack without it looking cluttered or crowded.

Clothing Racks are Versatile

Our wide range of clothing racks come in a wide variety of colours and finishes to suit all store interiors. Clothing racks can also be arranged in an almost limitless amount of ways, meaning they provide you with a huge amount of value.


Benefits of Clothing Racks for Sales


Clothing Racks Display the Whole Garment Clearly

In contrast to product display tables and baskets, clothing racks display the whole garment clearly, which is much easier for the customer to see and appreciate the garment.

Clothing Racks are Hygienic

Clothing racks make it easy to browse through a large amount of items without touching or tugging on the fabric, which in these times happily translates into better store hygiene.

Clothing Racks put Products at Eye Level

Finally, clothing racks display your products right where you want them: at eye level. This means that customers can easily see what they’re looking for and navigate their way around the store.

Say Hello to Beautiful Retail Displays

Apex Display work with independent businesses, large department stores and international companies to create effortless product displays that benefit both customers and retailers. Get in touch with us today to discuss the solutions. 

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