Set Up a Pop Up Store This Festive Season

Set Up a Pop-up Shop This Festive Season

In the past, pop-up shops were market stalls with no stand-out features that are offered by regular retail stores. They often only featured display tables, and lacked many of the things retailers take for granted, such as clothing racks and shelving.

Many retail brands decide to move their brick-and-mortar stores before the end of the year. This creates empty retail spaces that businesses can use for short-term leases. These empty spaces are often in prime locations, making the perfect space for a pop-up shop over the festive season.

Research studies conducted found that the short-term nature of pop-up shops drives consumerism to the brand.

The appeal over a temporary location.

Pop-up shops are literally opening everywhere, creating a major buzz. Small boutique brands often set up pop-up shops to introduce their brand to the public before committing to a permanent store. Consequentially, major brands also use the pop-up format to test new concepts or introduce new products. Brands further utilise these temporary shops to celebrate new products, move merchandise, and rev up sales.

Common examples of these pop-up shops include gift-wrapping services, monogramming services, clothing boutiques, and mini food bars. But the sky’s the limit.

Everyone from Nike, to Hello Kitty, and Lego have integrated the pop-up shop trend into their marketing. These pop-up shops have created a new style of retail stores, such as the Selfie Factory in London. Customers are able to create loads of fun images using different studios for a small fee.

As you can see from all these examples, the success of a pop-up shop comes down to how eye-catching and stylish it is. However, you don’t need to spend large amounts to set up your own temporary store.

The most crucial part of setting up these stores is ensuring that your store fittings are easy to move without large and expensive installations. This means you need to ensure your store fitting is freestanding.

Affordable pop-up store elements and fittings

Pop-up shops help stores create a higher level of foot traffic and engagement. To attract customers to your pop-up shop, you can have a special feature for cool pictures and try new things. This will create a unique experience for shoppers and make your store more appealing.

This method generates more buzz around your brand and the product you offer, while also gaining online exposure. Adding something that is exclusive to the temporary store, will bring even more foot traffic to your store, and may even reach new customers.

Because the store has a short-term lease, retail merchandising can lean into new ideas. These displays can be less about being practical and more about eye-catching displays. Temporary stores offer a cheaper store fitout as the shopfittings don’t need to be robust.

Call Apex Display to set up your pop up display.

The UniSlot™ Freestand and the UniSlot™ Cube are both fast and easy to assemble. These displays are freestanding and do not damage the shop walls. This is an important element for short-term leases.

These display units are easy to install and do not require any special tools or previous experience. They are also an affordable option to make your pop-up shop look great with it’s endless customisation options.

Choose from a wide range of panels, hanging accessories, colours, and timber and metal finishes, to create exactly the set up for your product experience.

Our shelving solutions are Australian made and manufactured by our team with only the highest quality materials. We offer all of our styles in a range of premium finishes to suit the pop-up format. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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