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Set Up a Pop Up Store This Festive Season

In the past, pop up stores were more or less market stalls without any of the wow factor of a regular retail space. They often only featured display tables, and lacked many of the things retailers take for granted, such as racking and shelves for shop items.

However, with so many brands moving their permanent bricks-and-mortar stores, there is an abundance of empty shop spaces that can be utilised for short term leases. Not only are many of these stores located in prime real estate, they also make beautiful pop up stores that can capitalise on the festive season.

Apex Display can help you fit out your pop up venture with eye-catching shop fittings that make the public go “wow!”

Overview of Pop Up Stores

Pop up stores are literally popping up everywhere, and they create a major buzz. Small boutique brands are frequently seen setting up pop up stores to introduce their products to the public, but major brands are also using the pop up format to try something new, celebrate a new product, move merchandise, and rev up sales.

Common examples include pop up gift-wrapping services, pop up clothing “try on” stations, micro boutiques, and mini food bars. But the sky’s the limit.

Everyone from Nike, to Hello Kitty, and Lego have jumped on the pop up craze. There was even a London Selfie Factory where, for £10 a pop, Instagram lovers could try out different dramatic backdrops or booths for fun social media images. Who can resist?

As you can see from all these examples, the success of a pop up store really comes down to how eye-catching and stylish it is. However, you don’t need to break the bank to set up your own pop up store. All you need is a flexible shop display system.

Affordable Pop Up Store Fittings

The UniSlot™ Freestand and the UniSlot™ Cube are both easy and quick to assemble, and doesn’t damage the shop walls – an important for a short lease.

Not only is this display unit easy to install (you can DIY) it’s also an affordable way to make your pop up store look great, thanks to its endless customisation options.

Choose from a wide range of panels, hanging accessories, colours, and timber and metal finishes, to create exactly the set up for your product experience.

Call Apex Display to Set Up Your Pop Up Display

Our shelving solutions are Australian made and manufactured by our team with only the highest quality materials. We offer all of our styles in a range of premium finishes to suit the pop up format. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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