Retail Supplies that put the Finishing Touches on Your Store

Apex Display works with individual retailers, large department stores and international names to create bright, functional interior spaces that show off products at their best. However, at Apex Display we don’t just stop at shop fittings, we also stock a wide range of retail store supplies, in order to provide a “one stop shop” for all your retail decor needs.

In this blog we will talk specifically about retail supplies that address the final stage of a sale, from your store carry bags, to garment covers, to tissue wrapping paper, and brochure holders. On their own these items may not sound like much, but together they can make a big impact and create a positive image of your brand.

The benefits of retail carry bags

Retail Supplies that put the Finishing Touches on Your Store

You may be living in a state or territory with a plastic bag ban, but this doesn’t mean carry bags are completely out. Single use plastic bags are a no-go, but reusable carry bags and paper bags still hold a lot of potential both for your customer’s convenience and for your store’s marketing strategy.

Carry bags enable customers to carry their purchases easily and safely to their car or homes with minimal hassle. In fact, carry bags are a staple of retail stores, and customers would be unpleasantly surprised if you didn’t offer them or had run out. Keeping well stocked on carry bags is in the best interest of your business.

Bags are no doubt useful for customers, carry bags are among the most essentials accessories for your store. They protect your items and make your customers’ lives easier, facilitating them to carry their purchases. You need to offer them some kind of bag, whether plastic or paper, at your register.

At Apex Display we have a wide range of reusable and recyclable carry bags. No matter your brand image you will find something to suit your business.

Finally, the option of bulk buying makes stocking up on carry bags a cost-effective investment

Wrapping up a sale in tissue paper

Tissue paper has a huge variety of uses in retail. Tissue paper can be used to line boxes to keep delicate items from breaking, used to gift wrap a present on behalf of a customer, or wrapped around garments for protection within their carry bags and add a touch of elegance, and even used as a marketing tool (perhaps you would like your brand to be known for its beautiful wrapping and attention to detail?) Tissue paper may also be used in display items to “puff out” parts of a garment or product, such as inside a pair of shoes. Tissue paper can be branded with stamps, perfumed with fragrance, or held together with ribbon and stickers – all things that can promote your brand and leave a lasting impression. At Apex Display we distribute a wide range of tissue paper in an array of colours to suit every store and budget.

Say goodbye with a brochure or catalogue

Brochures keep selling your business long after the customer has left the store. Many retail stores like to add free brochures and catalogues to their customer’s carry bag or set up a brochure display area or stand near the checkout or exits, so customers can pick one up on their way out. Brochures and catalogues can convey a huge amount of information – far more than your average bite sized advert or sales pitch. You can use brochures and catalogues to solidify the personality of your brand, tell a story, or announce services or offers available within your store that your customer may not have been aware of. Brochures easily pay dividends on their purchase cost, and are a tried and tested way of up-selling and attracting customers. At Apex Display we supply Australian businesses with a wide range of high-quality brochure holders and stands to help get your name out there

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