Ideas to Boost your Success in Retail

Have you ever walked past a shop and just thought “wow”? Great display windows and feature walls can really draw the eye and draw in more traffic. So, how do you get your own shop fittings working to their best advantage? In this blog we will give some easy tips and ideas on how to elevate your retail space. Just by making a few simple changes to your retail shelving and display items, you can attract more customers and build more revenue.

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Build a Narrative

One very simple and cost-effective way to make your display areas more attractive is to build a narrative around your products. This can be as simple as following a seasonal theme, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter or Christmas, or as complex as coming up with your own concept that perfectly suits your products.

The benefit of coming up with your own concept is that it’s more likely to make your product displays stand out. A narrative can then help guide your customers around the store and immerse them in the shopping experience.

However, even the most effective window and product displays need to be supported by high quality shelving and shop fittings. It pays to ensure the bare bones of your store is working for you first before you begin to conceptualise new marketing campaigns. .

Make Change Easy

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One way that you can keep on top of seasons, trends and immersive themes is by installing shelves and shop fittings that are easily removed, rearranged and adjusted according to your needs.

While the basic layout may stay the same, to help guide customers around the store, having flexibility in terms of your shelves and displays allows you to add new features and points of interest to keep customers coming back. For example, a well presented “new products” area can help keep customers curious about what’s happening in your store, and they may come inside just to look at what’s new and end up buying something!

Similarly, an interesting theme or concept can be attractive without being expensive. “I’ve seen stunning [luxury store] windows that come in at $300,” says Joline Mujica, head of trends and tours at WindowsWear, a repository of visual displays. “Paper is the best medium to work with because it’s so cheap and versatile.”

Consider your brand vision and persona, too. It’s a good idea to make sure your shop fittings properly frame whatever seasonal displays you add on top. For example, if your store sells health-conscious and cosmetic products, then simple white shop fittings and shelves that exude clean lines may be your best choice, such as our UniSlot, MAXe, or Slatwall shop fittings and display.

Finally, ensure that your fittings, display shelving ideas are suitable for the size, weight and type of products on offer.

Consider Angled Shelf Displays

A good example of where you can commonly see a retailer match their products with their shop fittings is a newsagent. In order for magazine covers to be clearly visible and easy to browse, they need to be sat upright and facing the customer. Angled shelves which fit on our Slatwall display Units achieve this effortlessly and create a streamlined retail space that customers appreciate at the same time. The beauty of our SlatWall system is that it accommodates a wide range of wall inserts to suit different products, so whether you want to display magazines, mobile phones, shoes, handbags, or anything else that would benefit from a vertical display, the Slatwall system has you covered.

Need a Retail Rehaul?

Sometimes the best thing to do is to build up a retail space from scratch. At Apex Display we work with individual retailers, large department stores and international names to create effortless, functional interior spaces that display products to their best advantage. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

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