How to Improve Your Store with Display Shelving

This may come as a surprise, but display shelving can really make or break the success of your store. Your shelving, or lack of shelving, can have a big impact on the appearance and functionality of your store, which in turn can reflect positively or negatively on your brand. Afterall, your choice of shelving says a lot about your store and what it values. Your display shelves play into the impression of your brand that customers take home with them, talk about, and share.

The best way to think of this situation is to consider what happens when you choose the wrong shelves. For example, pallet racking may be incredibly durable, sturdy, and strong, but would it send the right message for a beauty brand?

Alternatively, floating shelving may perfectly suit small lightweight items, but make no sense when it comes to large bulky items.

Obviously, display shelving does matter, and can heavily affect your store. So how do you get display shelving right?

Balancing Storage and Style

It may sound counterintuitive, but you can have the most amount of shelves and still waste store space.

Simply, if you have the wrong kind of shelving for your product and floor plan, then you’re going to wind up with shelving that is under-utilised, not functioning properly, and not adding value to your product displays.

Shelving should not only provide storage but call attention to specific merchandise. In turn, your shelving should be effective in your retail marketing efforts, and suggest a way for customers to walk around your store for the best possible brand experience.

So how do you prevent wasted space and still create a brand experience?

Preventing Wasted Space

In a modular retail display shelves system, shelving gives independent retailers the flexibility they need to move their shelving around and create their own unique space.

Shelving displays can be arranged in traditional “pod” displays that have the feel of traditional cabinetry or placed in imaginative formations to better suit their brand.

Whatever your retail businesses, customisable UniSlot display units ensure that you can have the exact shelving display pattern your business needs.

You can also say goodbye to wasted space, by adding in a wide range of fixtures into empty areas or spots in your store that are not yet adding value.

Refresh the Look of Your Store

When it comes to updating the look of a store, we often think of fresh paint, upholstery, or lighting first. But in a retail environment, it pays to remember what brings your customers into the store in the first place, and put some of the budget toward aesthetically appealing shelving displays.

High-end displays utilise traditional cabinetry and/or clean modern lines to effortlessly guide customers through your store and attract their gaze toward their next purchase. However, the entire “vibe” of your store goes into their purchase decision. New shelving displays can give your customers the impression that your store is a desirable place to shop, by making your store feel new again, even when it isn’t!

Afterall, shelving is a lot like packaging: it frames your product. No matter how good your products are, if they’re surrounded by drab dusty shelves, customers are going to be put off.

Apex Display offers Australian-made shelving with luxurious cabinetry and contemporary styles. Our shop shelving can be delivered in a flat pack and easily put together with minimal know-how, saving you money on expensive installation fees, while still offering you endless customisation.

Say Hello to Beautiful Retail Shelving

Apex Display works with independent retail stores, large franchises and international companies to create attractive and functional shelving displays to suit every budget. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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