Mannequin Buying Guide – What You Need to Know

Mannequins provide an elegant solution for displaying clothes in-store. When customers browse around a retail store, they may not be able to visualise clothes hanging on a rack or folded on a display table.

Mannequins give them an impression of how they may look when worn and highlight the full impact of the garments (how it falls, shimmers, looks from the side, etc). Think of mannequins as silent salespeople and models all in one.

However, since there are so many mannequin for sale on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones will work best.

At Apex Display we have a wide range of mannequins available, from realistic figures to abstract forms. It can be challenging to decide which kind of mannequin to buy for your store, so to help you choose the right one, we put together this quick mannequin buying guide.


Mannequin Trends Come and Go

Over the past ten years you’ve probably seen a range of mannequin trends come and go. From free standing torso mannequins to extremely realistic mannequins complete with facial features and wigs, to “egg-head” mannequins with no facial features and or hair, it’s almost impossible to know what’s trending and what’s passe.

At Apex Display, we’ve watched mannequin trends very carefully, and noticed that it’s not always the novelty mannequins that serve retail best.

In recent years, “egg-head” mannequins have led the way across most stores in Australia, with the rise of linen fabric and fibreglass mannequins following closely behind.

Today, due to economic pressures and the downturn in retail foot traffic, retailers have had to make an economical choice. Plastic mannequins are more affordable than alternative materials, but thanks to innovations in plastic manufacturing, they are now just as impactful.

The finish on Apex Display’s plastic mannequins is designed to suit all areas of retail, from high street fashion through to luxury stores. Case in point: even Harrods in London have opted for the clean and simple look of plastic mannequins in their window displays.


Recommendation: opt for a plastic mannequin by Apex Display that combines the energy of a realistic body and pose with the classic “egg-head” look. This is the kind of mannequin that won’t go out of fashion.


How to Choose the Right Mannequin Pose

The next problem retailers commonly face is: which pose should they choose? Should they all be uniform? Or are lots of different poses best?

The answer to this question will depend on your brand and what you hope to represent in your window displays. A totally uniform line of mannequins can look impressive, and may be a good look for menswear displays. Alternatively, if you are selling dynamic garments like casual clothing and sportswear, or even gowns that need to show off their many details, then you may need more “movement”. In this case, mannequins that are striking a pose may show off your clothing best.

If you would like to strike a balance then the best approach is to get a number of mannequins in different poses, to mix up your displays as needed.

Overall, a mixture of poses is more dynamic and more likely to attract the eye of shoppers. At Apex Display we have several poses to choose from among women’s mannequins, and each of these poses are active yet not over-the-top. We believe these poses show off your garments in the most appealing way, without dictating the marketing angle of your display items.


Be Shop Ready with Apex Display

If you’re looking for the perfect mannequins, store supplies, shop fittings and display solutions for your business then you need Apex Display. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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