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Slatwall Sheets – How It Can Help Boost Your Retail Sales

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Your store display makes the ultimate difference to the overall look and the accessibility of your products. Therefore, providing you with endless customisable display options for your store, slatwall sheets is the ideal addition to your establishment.

Perfect for display or used as a statement wall covering, Slatwall from Apex Display is versatile in its design and function. In this blog we will explore what Slatwall is and how it can be beneficial to your business.

What is Slatwall Sheets?

It is often made of wood panels. We use it to display merchandise of all shapes and sizes in an organised way. Slatwall features horizontal grooves or slats which can hold accessories such as bins, hooks, and shelves.

Benefits of Slatwall

You can customise Slatwall according to the products you want to display. Which makes it ideal for any retail store. With the addition of accessories such as display hooks, browsing products becomes easy. It is available in a range of colours, styles and materials, to suit any aesthetic.

Promoting your products become easier and you achieve this in a clear and logical manner . This innovative design idea also can keep add-on products close at hand for customers – especially handy at the checkout!

It is Perfect for kiosks, gondolas and other freestanding fixtures. Using Slatwall, you can display many products with the addition of hooks. This makes it perfect for stores who sell many of the same product such as pet stores or accessory stores.

Apex Display Slatwall

How Slatwall can help boost your retail sales

Australian-made slatwall sheets from Apex Display is custom made in our Brisbane warehouse. Slatwall panels are available in full panels of 2400 L x 1200mm H with optional centre spacings. Customisable to your retail space, these panels can be cut to suit any requirement.

The Apex Display’s standard range is black, white or Native Oak, however you can choose from a wide colour palette of custom colours to suit your aesthetic. This can be solid colours or timber woodgrains.

With Slatwall used as a display, the need for accessories is evident to display your products with ease. These include hangrails, shelf brackets, glass or timber slat wall shelves, hooks, arms and other display solutions.

Our Slatwall panel range is large and caters to a complete fit out solution or as a single retail display. This range is cost-effective, versatile, minimalist and can be tailored to an array of aesthetics and uses.

Slat centres are the distance between the aluminium grooves. You can choose larger or smaller distances, depending on your needs. Many fashion boutiques, shoe shops and homewares outlets use Slatwall with large distances to reduce consistent horizontal lines.

With Apex Display, you can choose from a range of premium finishes from FlexiPanel and Laminex. Our Slatwall is made here in Australia giving you the ease of choice to create your unique look and feel.

See our Slatwall Display System page for more details or send us an enquiry and we will get back to you!



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