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Why a Slatwall Display can Improve Your Business

A Slatwall, also known as Slatwall panels, slot walls, and slot panels, can be a retail store’s most valuable feature. Expanding a selling space and creating retail versatility in displaying both products and services to its customers.

What is a Slatwall 

A Slatwall is a form of a display panel that features grooves, which allow numerous shelving to be fitted and slotted into place. These panels are typically displayed on the walls of a room to allow for easy storing and displaying services. But Slatwall panels can also be used in freestanding display units such as UniSlot Cube or UniSlot Freestand for greater flexibility. Featuring landscape/horizontal slat walls, to easily slide a slat into the groove to produce a shelf. The sizes of the entire panels, the grooves, and the groove spacing apart can all vary, with each designed to accommodate a certain product or service. A Slatwall allows store owners to declutter the floor and to place in a wide range of Slatwall fittings to easily display merchandise. Leading to this display style becoming one of the most popular retail features around!

Why Slatwalls are Beneficial

The Range in Style

The Slatwall provides a clean, organised, and contemporary feel, with all styles featuring the horizontal grooves evenly. However, this is where the similarities stop, with the store owners themselves able to get creative and organise the style they wish, with the shelves, material, and shapes all up to them.

Many stores find that certain aspects of their shelves can define their business. The difference between a glass shelf and a wooden shelf for example, can give off a different sense of style, with glass seen as clean and organised whereas the wooden shelve gives off a rustic style. Using other shelving styles can also play a part, with the slatwalls able to accommodate hooks, glass shelves, slatwall baskets, with the only limit being your imagination.

They Help with Space

In smaller stores with a lot of merchandise available, storing or displaying can be tricky. Slatwall panels help optimise the space by taking products off the floor and displaying them clearly for customers to view at once. It will also provide for a nicer browsing experience, with customers able to travel around the store with ease.

They are Durable  

Despite the easy fit in, these slat walls can hold quite a lot! Able to hold large bulky products for long periods, being one of the strongest temporary and non-drilling options available.

How can I make Slatwall more flexible?

One of the key benefits of using slatwalls in a freestanding display unit, such as UniSlot Cube or UniSlot Freestand, is their practicability! Easy to affix, they make an easy set up for pop-up stores or temporary renting. They are completely compatible with a wide range of accessories that are easy to attach, all you have to do is mount the slats and you can display a wide range of things without worry!

Slatwalls at Apex Display

Due to the popularity and versatility of a Slatwall, there is a wide variety made of inferior quality. Mass produced and created to be both structurally weak and contain poor materials. Therefore, choosing a quality manufacturer is important in trusting your shelving. At Apex Display we supply Australian businesses with a wide range of high-quality display options. Allowing you to stand out from your competitors and create a functional and eye-catching Slatwall display.

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