Window Displays: Why They Matter

A picture paints a thousand words’ is never truer than when used to describe a retail window display.

Considering researchers have reported a first impression is formed within 7 seconds, your shop windows have a big task; to interrupt the passer-by and attract them through your doors.

Window displays will increase foot traffic and bring in more sales:
Window displays are often the first point of contact that your potential customers will have with your business. Your window display needs to talk to potential clients,
In 7 seconds they should know

  • What your company is about
  • What your stock range is
  • The price point that you are at in the market
  • Any current deals or promotions

However, that isn’t the end of it. You can walk down a strip of shops and every shop window may do this (after all, many chain stores use in-house window dressers) yet, you are only attracted into 20% of the shops. The shop for shops that succeed in attracting you through their doors have gone a step further:

The way they have dressed their window reflected your priorities, your ideals or something that you related to. 

Consider your customer base. Are they identifiable by their age, gender or income? What are their goals?

Translate that successfully into your shop window and you will attract more of the same customers into your shop. Consider the windows as billboards for your shop. Invest in them, and keep them interesting. Surprise people, make your windows a talking point in the area – and light them up at night, this is when they will make the most impact!

Investing time and effort into your shop windows will always pay off, both in the short- and long-term.

Remember: The windows are the eyes to the soul (of your shop)! That’s why it’s so important that you get it right.

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