What to put in your windows?

Do you ever run out of ideas for things to put in your windows? A themed window sticks in peoples memory and attracts more people into your shop.

We’ve compiled a list of theme ideas so you need never drain your creative juices dry again (enough for you to have a new window theme every fortnight for over a year!).

Winter Snow, Grey colours, Winter animals, Snowmen, Woollen clothing
Spring Flowers, Colour, Baby Animals, pink and green

Summer Sun, Beach scenery, outdoors, yellow and blue
Autumn Dead leaves, Mushrooms, Harvest theme, Oranges and browns
Rain Umbrellas, raincoats, cotton wool clouds, simulated rain
Rainbows Puddles, Rainbows, clouds & sun, gumboots

Wind Suspend or wire clothing so it appears to be blowing, trees losing leaves
Storms Dark clouds, lightning, powerpoles, rain
Sunshine Light colours, bright sun, quotations about sunshine or lyrics from a song
Snow Cotton wool, polystyrene or white feathers make great snow!
Christmas All the usual suspects here, but why not try and make your window shine with coloured lights? Do something different to stand out from the bunch.
Easter Plenty of scope here for many ideas – once again its important to be different

Australia Day Australian flag (obviously) try not to be too obvious or boring. A scene around a BBQ, or a game of cricket are 2 ideas
ANZAC Day This is a serious day, so tread carefully –a simple message on the window may be appropriate
Your city’s show day Celebrate where you live. Photos of your city, or models of landmarks are great
Queen’s birthday Go British. Union Jacks and kitschy memorabilia will show you have a sense of humour
Remembrance Day Once again this is a very serious day, poppies and a remembrance message, perhaps a line from the ode are tasteful options.
Valentine’s Day Red, hearts motifs and pink are all the standard choices.
St Patrick’s Day Green is the colour of choice for this festival. Reference the irish in some way. Some wee leprechauns are an option. Or something like this: 
Mother’s Day Celebrate mums! A female adult mannequin and a child could be involved in a scene – at the park, for instance.
Father’s Day Not applicable to some stores, but if it is in yours, do similar to the mother’s day and include an adult male mannequin and a child in a scene.
Your shop’s birthday Balloons, naturally! Streamers, candles, why not a (fake) cake?! Throw a party
Specific landmarks The Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, or the Opera House. Show them your shop is a destination
Beach Some sand and fake water, seagulls boats and a pier. This is the perfect setting for nautical themed clothes
Wilderness Trees, a forest, with deer and moss. This can be very atmospheric & entrancing
Desert Put sand on the floor – with cactus and desert animals, or a Bedouin tent and camel.
Mountains Use a photographic backdrop, & a ski lift. This is a great winter theme
Underwater Water water everywhere, get a blue backdrop and some blue cellophane- put in some model animals or sunken treasure and you’re set.
Popular Culture Check the headlines – you can always draw inspiration from current events.
Animals Theme your window around an animal for something different. The more random the animal  the better:

Sport Reference an event, or just the game in general. Build a pitch, goals or a net. Put the related equipment into your mannequin’s hands (or feet!)
Art A popular and wellknown artwork can have a theme built around it. Whether you style your mannequins like Warhol screenprints or go all Jackson Pollock, you’ll have fun with this!
Music Dress your mannequins as a well known musician, give them an instrument
Science Go all white, with props such as test tubes, microscopes or mysterious potions… the possibilities are endless

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