What should go on that rack outside your shop?

Walk down a shopping street in any town and you will see racks of clothing out the front of boutiques lining the footpath.

The tactic of placing a rack of clothes in front of the store is a thinly veiled attempt to entice customers into the store. This tactic is evidently successful – considering how many shops use it!

However, the ‘proverbial’ is in the details, and the long-term success of your shop may relate directly to what items you choose to place on that rack by the front door.

Choice # 1 –Sale Items

You hope the low prices on the last season stock will move it quicker. You figure that you’ll attract new customers who would otherwise be too scared to come in to your rather ‘high end’ store. Maybe while they’re paying for their half price clothes you can nab their email address and then, of course, they’ll receive the weekly specials on email. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a customer for life!

The question is, what value customer are you aiming for – the customer who is always looking for bargains and markdowns? The one who will never buy a full priced item? Perhaps you should set your sights higher.

Choice # 2 –New Arrivals

The attractive, up to the minute garments that have recently landed in your shop. Sure, they’re pricey – but hey, they’re new! Therefore, the people who are wandering past your shop, then stop and pull out a garment that catches their eye, the ones who go inside and purchase it – knowingly at full price- they’re a lot more valuable than your sale rack buyers. They don’t care that it’s at full price; they care that it’s new, that it’s special, that it suits them. 

Which customer is more likely to provide the most value to your company over time? The ‘New Arrivals rack’ one, obviously!  You have sales and new arrivals in your store, so why not attract a much more valuable range of people by putting the new arrivals out the front.

And for the bargain hunters, keep the sales rack right down the back of your shop – who knows? You might even get some upsells as they make their way down the back, when a full priced garment catches their eye. 

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