The Ode to Retailers

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the store
The shelves had been hung with the Christmas décor
The person who’d done it (though now a bit pale)
Is at the counter, serving – that’s life in retail!

After stocking the shelves, and choosing the carols
Dressing the mannequin in the season’s apparel
Buying new stock and supplies on the run
The retailer’s task-pile never is done.

Stock-taking inventory, working long hours
Setting out candycanes for all to devour
Or working on signage, or staff co-ordination
Or making amends for customers’ vexations

While often forgotten but still always smiling
Trying to finish off all this year’s filing,
 Planning the marketing, planning next year
The retailer’s busy – that’s one thing that’s clear

And so on this day, in this week and this season
We’d like to say “thank you” – you are the reason
We’re in operation at Apex Display
And we’ll support you again next year however we may

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