The 1 marketing trick that works for everyone

Here’s a gem of marketing wisdom you might like to consider:

The most successful people are not in business, they are in the business of marketing their business.

Like who?

These are the ones who say ‘Where Everyone Gets a Bargain’ , ‘Spirit of Australia’ , ‘…is my store’.

You know them – they aren’t saying ‘we sell hammers’, ‘we are an airline company’ or ‘you can get clothes and homewares and stuff from us’ – they are selling a solution, a concept.

& You can join them

The good news is, you can do it too – we’re not promising you will become a multimillion dollar concern overnight, but there are things everyone can do with a little effort & imagination to build up the character of your shop, & there’s no harm looking to the successful multimillion dollar businesses for ideas.

The secret is…

One thing that Bunnings, Qantas & Myer all have happening in common is that catchy little tagline. Why not dream up one of your own?

In marketing speak this is called a USP (Unique Selling Proposition – although it doesn’t have to be something that no-one else has, just something that no-one else is talking about!)

Once you have hit upon one that ticks all the boxes, market it like mad. That’s right, market it, not your amazing shoes or lounge suites or whatever the amazing thing is that you sell.
How do you market a concept?

For example, if your USP was that special little something have ‘Company X – That special little something’  printed on everything.

Make your tagline (or USP) every bit as well-known as your name.  Have “that special little something”  sales, vip events loyalty programs …why not a “that special little something” e-newsletter or blog?

Here’s a checklist of ways to make your USP work its hardest:

Print it on your bags so people will be walking advertisements (Gift seals or bag stickers are another way to go on this theme…) Do you do gift fairs, expos or trade shows? Does custom printed counters sound like a good idea? Splash your USP right across the front! Brochures business cards are a given, Heading into the online world, don’t forget your website, social media, emarketing campaigns the rest. Your USP can talk everywhere.Hangers? Enquire about custom printing hangers with the things you need to say.A big pull-up banner at the entry of your shop, or if you don’t do ‘big’ why not an a-frame?The budget conscious could even effectively write it across the front window of their shop in liquid chalk… now that’s an idea!

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