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Revealed: Why most people hate Christmas Shopping – and how this can make you money

Most people hate Christmas shopping. In 2006 research published revealed an enormous 96% of Australians had a grievance with it.*

They hate that there are so many other people there.

They hate the uncertainty of trying to choose the right gift for the right recipient.

They hate the queues.

They hate trying to decide on what to get, when there are so many products available.

They hate that there is a deadline.

And guess what? You’re in a prime position, as a retailer, to take a large portion of the load off their shoulders.

Gift Certificates

People appreciate it when you make their gift giving easier – providing the opportunity to buy gift cards does just that! Gift certificates are a win-win for the retailer and the gift-giver.  Some research has stated that up to 20% of gift cards are never redeemed, so you may end up making quite a profit on these items!

Buying Guides

Put in a little time and effort into classifying your range into buying guides. For example: gifts for Grandpa, the baby, the teenager etc. This will reduce your customers’ stress no end – particularly male customers, who abhor the burden of too much choice. What’s more, buying guides have the potential to position your shop as a one-stop for all the Christmas gift needs of your customers. This is your opportunity to seize the sales this season!

More Seasonal staff to reduce queues

Reduce queue rage, and help the economy at the same time by employing extra casual staff over the silly season. Take on students who are on holidays to help with gift-wrapping or shelf stocking. Your customers will thank you for the more peaceful atmosphere in your store, and will probably return next year.

Less hype, and more empathy

Do you know what would make your store more memorable than the rest? If you turned down the hype, the urgency of ‘buy now for xmas’ and displayed more empathy for your customers. Let them know that you do know what it’s like to have the stress of trying to find the perfect gift, and go out of your way to make their life easier. This can be in the form of complementary gift wrapping (or if you want to save time – gift bags), a tidy and uncluttered store (unlike many stores at this time of year), and a pleasant smile and greeting without being OTT. By these small efforts you will win over even the Grinchiest customer.


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