How to Winter-fy Your Shop

Your winter coats are on the racks, boots are lining your shelves, but if you are in Brisbane, the sun’s still shining warmly and there’s hardly a suggestion of cool weather around the corner.

But you want to sell your seasonal merchandise, don’t you? How are you going to persuade people that they need a wool coat or cashmere scarf right now? By using effective visual merchandising, of course!

Here are some ideas that you can implement in your store, to reinforce the idea that it is in fact winter:

Use a colour scheme of white and silver in your product display aids – these are traditionally ‘cool’ colours:

While unlike the northern hemisphere we don’t have Christmas in winter, some festive references like pine cones, wreaths and fairy lights can create a nostalgic feeling. (if that’s what you want…)

Fake Snow can look great in window displays – buy it from craft stores or make your own (using Styrofoam, cotton wool, feathers, cushion stuffing or paper), and make use of mirrors and silver glitter to resemble ice.

Woodpiles stacked up, references to fire and woodlands are also seasonally appropriate:

And never underestimate the power of colour when it comes to merchandising those winter neck scarves:

One final word of advice: If you are in an unseasonably warm place keep the interior of your shop relatively cool, because nobody likes buying winter woollies if they are already sweating. Obviously if you are operating in Tasmania you are welcome to use heating 🙂

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