How to choose the right shopfittings supplier

In retail, one person who should be on call at all times is your shop fittings supplier. A good shopfittings supplier will offer advice in relation to design and installation. They will supply not only the fixtures at the set-up of your shop, but also the ongoing consumable needs.

The first place people often go in search of a shopfittings supplier is the Internet.  Google will present you with a list of companies who sell the product you want. However, this doesn’t tell you anything about service. Reading online reviews can help, but remember – anything can happen on the internet, so don’t trust it completely!

An alternative research method is asking existing retailers. Find a shop where you like the style of the fittings and ask where they bought them. Enquire about the supplier’s service and product range.  Retailers will be glad to recommend suppliers, and you may hear some horror stories about the ones to avoid! Fashion agencies and retail interior consultants may also be able to assist with recommendations.

When you get to the stage of making a decision there are some factors to consider:

Location – While it isn’t a necessity to have the supplier nearby, you should consider how urgent your orders will be, and the delivery time you can allow. Also, if you want to see the shopfittings before they are yours, a convenient showroom is necessary.  

Price – If price is the only consideration, you will compromise on product quality and service. An ideal supplier offers quality products at competitive prices, supported by professional customer service.

Reliability – While difficult to measure, reliability is essential when choosing a supplier. Will they have the goods when they promise them? Can you expect prompt communication from them if something goes wrong with your order?

Stability–it’s pointless to completely fit out your shop in fixtures unique to a supplier who disappears the next month. A good way to predict stability is by looking at how long the company has been in business. A company with experience behind them may be less likely to fail.

Their ability to listen– do they spend their time telling you what they do, or do they ask you what you need? A supplier who listens to your problems and needs will be able to offer you a more personalised solution.

Our promise

Apex Display is a shopfittings supplier whose goal is to ensure our customers’ retail shops are successful. We know, through years of experience, what works and what doesn’t, and we aim to find the best retail solution for you. We are very happy to offer obligation-free advice, so please get in contact today to start the journey to retail success!

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