How many genuinely interested people are walking past your store right now?

And what can you do about it?

It’s a fact: People still prefer bricks & mortar shopping to internet shopping. A lot. A report published in February this year by Forrester Research announced that online sales make up just 7% of overall retail sales. That means 93% of people are walking up and down the street (or driving) with money in their pocket (so to speak).

Catch their eye – change their mind

In the increasingly competitive market these days you need to stand out, before they even decide to come into your shop. Catch their eye, tell them what you can offer and invite them inside. This the the very place that outdoor banners and walkway signs shine.

Back to the future

‘Signs?? But signs are so….. 1990s-ish’, I hear you cry. All your marketing budget is taken up in the wonderful whirlpool that is PPC ads, social media ads, email marketing and all that online stuff. Ahh yes, but there is a world offline, and as we said at the start, people actually do spend their weekends ‘shopping’ as in, walking up and down streets. And if you consider that 66% of consumers still feel they  need to visit a store before making a purchasing decision, you had better draw them into your store. And to do this, you need signage.

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