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How Gift Vouchers Financially Support Hard Hit Shops & Communities

Has your shop been affected by

a natural disaster?

If so, this simple but effective suggestion is for you.

We came across this suggestion the other day that we have to share with you.

Think about this:

“People that don’t live in the area that’s been affected often don’t know how to help. Here’s the most effective monetary way to help. What’s more, it gives twice: Go into the township a couple of weeks down the track, and find some local-run shops that are trying to get back on their feet. Buy gift vouchers from these shops. Take the gift vouchers and give them out to locals.”

It’s actually one of the smarter ideas around, isn’t it?
It will bring income into your shop, and support the micro-economy of the local area.

The funds get exactly to the people that the donor wants them to go to. (i.e.: a disaster-affected shop and the victims of the disaster)

The person purchasing it gives once – You can still sell gift vouchers even if you don’t have any inventory people want to buy right away. And of course, it gives twice – to the victims who will have all sorts of things they need replacing.

Best of all: There’s no forms to fill in, and no red tape to be cut; either for you, the person buying the gift vouchers, the recipient of the voucher or anyone else.

How to get the best out of this idea
Make sure that the vouchers are redeemable over a fairly long time period, as some people will take more time getting things together than others. Advertise at your shop. Put up a sign saying “Buy gift vouchers to support victims of the disaster”.

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