Holiday Windows : Visual Merchandising Inspirations from the streets of Brisbane

There’s certainly no lack of creative talent in Brisbane. Here’s some pictures of this year’s Seasonal Window displays spied along Latrobe Terrace, Paddington. 

Happiness Place - Latrobe Terrace Paddington

HAPPINESS PLACE – “More is more”, a reindeer draped in baubles, non-traditional colours….


Thousand Island Dressing

THOUSAND ISLAND DRESSING – Lots of light, acid colours, tall thin trees….



Even the Streets are festively decorated

Other great shop windows along this street for you to check out and gain inspiration from: 
•    Blake & Taylor – Sparkly lights on modernist mini-trees, chalk marker script on the windows
•    Atelier Australia – Blue-white Lights, Parrots perching on the tree, a  customized torso in seasonal green and red accessories
•    Du Monde – a warm inviting couch with oversized baubles in one window, and a taxidermied deer in the other.
•    Green Tangerine. – A wreath in liquid chalk on the window framing a tropical/ethnic decorated tree, surrounded by hanging ferns…. Interesting!


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