Effective Jewellery Display: A Checklist

It is more important than ever to merchandise jewellery effectively. After all – even though ecommerce has a foothold in the retail sector, most people will still prefer to visit a shop to view, and try on jewellery. Correct jewellery display is essential

It is more important than ever to merchandise jewellery effectively. After all – even though ecommerce has a foothold in the retail sector, most people will still prefer to visit a shop to view, and try on jewellery.

Correct jewellery display is essential, and it has the potential to make or break a sale. How is your jewellery displayed? Here’s a checklist of presentation points to tick off:

Colour & Contrast

Needless to say, your displays shouldn’t stand out from the store surrounds – if you have a colour theme throughout your shop, try to keep that going with your retail display.

That doesn’t mean your jewellery doesn’t stand out. White and silver will more often suit a dark display, whereas gold and brights will be better suited to a clear, silver or white display. Coloured jewellery should be grouped intelligently, whether you choose to group all similar colours, or in a contrasting fashion.

Realise that 4 sapphire rings grouped with a ruby ring, will draw greater attention to the ruby ring. This is great if the ruby ring has twice the profit margin, but not so great if you really want to sell the sapphire ones.
 Your displays tone in with the look and feel of the shopThe jewellery is more noticeable than the displayJewellery items are grouped according to colour, either in a monochromatic fashion, or in such a way to set certain colours offJewellery items are grouped to draw attention to higher profit items

Unless you want to recreate Aladdin’s Cave, choose bright lighting, combined with an open environment.

A well-lit shop will instil faith in customers; faith in the jewellery colours, and trust in the legitimacy of your store. Consumers will feel less stressed in a well-lit shop, and will more likely purchase from you. Also remember to light showcases, to focus attention on special items.

Note: Well-lit doesn’t necessarily mean brightly lit – if the shop is too bright it may be cause for customers to leave. Also aim for a lighting effect as close to daylight as possible. Customers don’t want to leave your shop and discover the earrings they purchased are a different colour than they thought. 
 Your shop is well lit, with no dark spotsColours of the jewellery are close to the colour they would be in daylightYour lighting is not noticeably ‘blue-white’ or ‘yellow-white’You don’t have blown bulbsShowcases are lit correctly to draw attention to standout products 

Jewellery shops should never look unkempt. Dust, smudges and marks are a massive turn-off for customers. It whispers to them that you don’t take pride in your wares, and that you don’t pay attention to detail. There is generally a lot of glass in jewellery shops, and smudges on it can happen easily.  Clean glass often -more than once a day if required. If you choose to use kid gloves to remove jewellery from showcases like the staff at high-end jewellery stores like Tiffany & Co, you will discover that you don’t have the same issues with smudges.
 Glass is clean and smudge freeDisplays are regularly dusted, and floors are regularly vacuumed.All jewellery is free of marks and smudges.
Imagination & Style

Style is arguably the most important factor in jewellery display. You need to adopt a theme or style across the entire shop.

The way you style your display will appeal more to a certain audience – a classic display will appeal to older and more traditional customers whereas a clear plastic set may appeal more to younger (possibly less wealthy) people.

Style comes down to placement of the displays: if you choose to display things lined up, it will look significantly different to a group of displays at varying angles.  Use imagination, but remember that the jewellery industry favours restraint.
 Your shop has a clearly definitive styleYour shop is designed in such a way as to appeal to your target customerYour shop stands out from neighbouring shops & competition

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