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9 Things Your Customers Want

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They want to know where they are:

There’s not much fun in feeling disorientated. It destroys the customer’s self-confidence, and in your shop. Restore their confidence with clear signage, lighting and product divisions.

They want you to help them:

Repeat after me: Your customers are not your enemies. Knowing that your customer needs help, and knowing when your customer needs help is the baseline of customer service.
Don’t forget though, in some cases your best method of helping them is leaving them alone. If they are obviously browsing, helicopter assistance is not their top requirement.


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They want to know if you have what they want…

…And they want to know it quickly. How many times have you seen people walk into a shop, scan around with their eyes and walk back out again? You need to have the majority of your important ranges in a place that can be viewed immediately, to cater for that split-second decision.

They want time:

The most precious commodity on this earth is time; because once it’s gone it can never return. You have it in your possession and you can give it to your customers. Give them time when they walk into the shop. Give them time when they are browsing. Give them time at the checkout.


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They want you to listen:

When a customer asks you a question you have already heard 6 times today, don’t even mentally roll your eyes. Give them your full attention. This is something that they genuinely need an answer to – it may be the only barrier between them and your product. Answer it like it’s the first and last question you have ever had.
They want you to understand:

Even things that you can’t possibly understand – recent events in their life that influence the way they see the world; needs which are highly important to them, if not to anyone else; their sense of humour – even their personality. You must attempt to understand and cater to all these factors, if you want to retain their custom.


They want value:

Money is a factor in buying decisions, but more important than price is value. A customer who believes they received value for money is a happy customer.


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They want what they need:

Whether it’s “I need a new skirt” or “I need a new toilet cistern”, there is almost always an element of urgency in the need and if you can’t fill the predetermined need successfully they will go elsewhere.


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They want a surprise

They may not know it yet, but customers want nothing better than to be surprised – surprised by a sale, someone going the extra mile for them, a free gift, or that you remember their name. It will trigger something in their brain and their loyalty to you will skyrocket.

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