5 Great Ways to Boost Your Spring Sales

The warm weather is upon us!  Harness your customers’ renewed energy and give them something to get excited about in your shop. As your shop’s racks and tables fill with spring and summer ranges, here are some ways to move the stock quickly.

Advertise Athletically

As people shake off the winter blues they will be going outdoors more – tap into this feeling by putting your outdoors/activewear items front and centre. Extra points for posing your mannequins beside sports props!

Show the Sunglasses

There will be more people venturing towards the beach as well. Cater to them with a new range of eye-protection (sunglasses!) on chic Display Heads or even your slatwall stand. Sunglasses are something that people forget to get until they see them instore so if yours are hiding on a dark shelf somewhere they won’t be seen.  

The Sandals Have It

As the weather warms up the boots and covered shoes will be put back in the cupboard for next year, and people will be returning to the ‘less is more’ strappy looks. Set your sandals and strappy footwear off with shoe displays to suit. A strappy shoe looks 100% better when it’s filled out – we recommend the easy to use and barely-there clear Acrylic Shoe Strap Display.

Brighten their Lives

Springtime is all about colour coming back. While in Queensland it hasn’t exactly been a white winter wonderland (except in Stanthorpe for a couple of days!) people tend to gravitate towards darks and neutrals during winter, so spring is a time for them to colour up. Put your brightest clothes in the window to celebrate the new season.

New Kids Clothes on the Block

Kids will have grown a lot since last time they were in short sleeves, so parents will be restocking their wardrobes. If you have a children’s range, make sure everyone knows about it. Update your child mannequins if they are looking a bit scruffy, and get them ‘doing something’. Arrange your Child Mannequins into activity poses (bendy kids are great for this) because everyone knows an angelic looking child mannequin standing to attention is just too unrealistic!

Any other tips for boosting spring sales? Let us know in the comments. 

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