3 Ways to Bring Some Spring into Your Store

Retailers, spring has sprung! Here in Queensland we’re enjoying warm days with temperatures in the mid 20s. The sky is clear and blue (mostly…) and your customers are getting over their winter blues. You need to ensure your shop is an attractive destination to tempt them indoors. Here are some proven techniques to bring spring into your shop.

A Spring Clean

There are two ways to spring-clean your shop. Both types are essential for a refreshed environment.

Your merchandise (unless it’s wine) doesn’t age gracefully. Old stock takes up room. This results in a dated environment, overstocked storeroom and less than optimum cash flow.  Old stock that doesn’t move prevents you from buying new stock. In your spring clean, give it away as competition prizes, gifts with orders or as samples.  Donate it to charity, because they won’t mind if it is from the last season.  Enjoy the space you create, and work on making your next purchases as profitable as possible.

The other facet of spring-cleaning is of course ‘real’ cleaning -dusting, polishing, sweeping and so on. This should happen much more often than once a year, but why not use this season as an opportunity to go deep. Move your fixtures around, if possible, and clear all those mysterious packages from behind the counter. Throw away broken fittings, and renew obsolete equipment.

This renewal will inspire you and your staff with enthusiasm, and your customers will once again enjoy visiting your shop.

Spring Displays

Consider lightening your shop with acrylic or clear glass merchandisers for a fresh look. For shop window displays, reference spring in creative ways with flowers and different types of foliage.

Mannequin for Sale here

Other window display ideas to consider in Spring:

  • Flowers & Foliage (It’s Jacaranda season in Brisbane!)
  • Animals
  • Ecofriendly/ Sustainability

Spring Promotions

Fashion retailers love springtime in Australia because it’s the time of year for the races. Fascinators and champagne seems to be popping up everywhere. People are willing to spend more money on a semi-formal race wear outfit and many designers release a range to coincide with the Spring Racing Season. Why not host a VIP event (champagne included!) to show off your new formal wear range to coincide with this.

Move aging stock quickly with a ‘Spring Clean Sale’ – a warehouse sale to get those old styles out of your store room could be just what you need, before the Christmas rush starts.  If you can, make it a ‘sidewalk sale’ so customers can enjoy the near perfect weather while they check out your wares.

Enjoy the sunshine, and your springtime sales!

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