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It’s hard to believe February is already here for the most the work calendar is in full swing, and kids are back to school. If you haven’t had the chance to set your goals on retail plans for 2021, be sure to set them on time soon, or the year we’ll have you wrapped up in newfound.

Last month our manufacturing team completed several shop fit-outs. One of these was a UniSlot™ Cube display that will be featured at the Australian Open for the second year in a row.

Our client chose to customize the system with lots of white shells and drill units all made in our battery here in Brisbane.

The result is a high-end two-pack with greater durability at a very affordable price point.

The UniSlot™ Cube system is a strong freestanding modular and easy to assemble framework. This makes it perfect not only for this type of pop-up retail event but also for traditional bricks and mortar stores.

With UniSlot™ Cube, entire retail shops can be set up and merchandise in as little as 24 hours without professional shopfitters or bank loans. What’s more, that means retailers can start trading sooner, generating maximum return on investment.

We stock the UniSlot™ framework and customize it with Australian-made timber panels shelves and drawers to build unique flexible retail environments. We’ll show you more about that next month.

If you’re considering moving or expanding in 2021, think carefully about pop-up stores. Pop-ups are no longer a means of clearing excess stock but a low-cost way of quickly existing new locations.

Last year, the events contributed to pop-up stores growing in popularity, with vacant shops presenting retail opportunities to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Launching a pop-up can be up to 80% cheaper than a comparative brick and mortar store.

Furthermore, studies show that four out of five retailers who have invested in a pop-up consider them successful, and two-thirds of them would run another.

With omnichannel retailing being the way of the future, pop-ups offer a low-risk way to test new ideas and locations.

This month at Apex Display, we’ll be rearranging and expanding our warehouse to make way for more stock we have arriving over the coming months.

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