The Marketing Value of Retail Packaging

The need for sustainability has reshaped the consumer experience. Store owners have taken to adopting green practices to meet their customers’ desires. But some have taken this to mean the complete removal of carry bags. Although doing so might seem like a step in the right direction, it presents a marketing problem for your business.

Carry bags and other types of retail packaging are important in the promotion of your business. These items are just some of the elements that strengthen brand awareness and loyalty beyond the store. Failing to recognise their importance will lead to missed opportunities for promotion and customer retention.

Discover the full potential of retail packaging and how it is beneficial to your business:

Customer Experience Beyond the ‘Exit’ Sign

Customer experience typically starts with a visually pleasing window display. In-store displays bolster the experience, such as a pleasant atmosphere and excellent customer service. Combining these factors with high-quality products that offer the best possible value improves the chance of a sale. But the customer experience shouldn’t stop here.

Memorable customer experience continues beyond the store. This is accomplished by good retail packaging. Aside from the convenience they provide, carry bags elevate the shopping experience. When they are well-designed and made with high-quality materials, they reinforce your brand identity.

An example of strong retail packaging is the iconic ‘Tiffany Blue Box.’ Simple and chic, this packaging’s design has become an experience all on its own. Upon seeing the box, people often don’t have to question the value of the item inside. The box and the brand it is associated with are enough to indicate high-quality products.

How to Use Retail Packaging to Your Advantage

Model your retail packaging to reflect your brand. The quality and value you offer through your products and services should be present in your packaging. This is accomplished by the design and quality of the material. Including details that are unique to your brand, whether through the artwork or composition, differentiates your carry bags from everyone else’s.

Ways to make your packaging stand out include:

Printing your brand’s logo to strengthen brand awareness. Custom printing on carry bags can be expensive. If you are looking to cut costs, consider labelling plain bags with a stamp or a sticker to promote your business.

Using your brand’s colours, from carry bags to wrapping paper.

Incorporating your core values. An example would be to include ways to repurpose the material to show your support for sustainable practices.

Create Memorable Customer Experiences with Sustainable Carry Bags

Promoting your store does not have to go against your support of sustainability. There are different ways to do both. You have the option to use recyclable materials for your packaging needs. Apex Display has a wide selection of environmentally friendly carry bags, including biodegradable plastic carry bags that have a low impact on the environment. Our selection of carry bags is available in different colours and designs.

Look beyond your packaging’s role of wrap and carry. See its value as a highly visible marketing tool. Find out more about the advantages of these products when you get in touch with our team. Call us on 1800 111 488 or send an email to [email protected].

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