The Last Building Standing: Why We Need Physical Stores

There is a misconception that e-commerce has rendered physical stores obsolete. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although more customers are using technology to look for products and services online, there is still a need for a bricks and mortar store.

Innovative retailers are turning their physical stores into something more. Rather than simply duplicating the transaction process online, they are transforming these physical spaces into a channel that strengthens relationships. 

Your Store as a Marketing Channel

A physical store offers involvement, something that is absent in its online counterpart. Customers look for experiences when they shop. Transforming your store into a physical embodiment of your brand’s ethos leaves them with a strong impression, that they wouldn’t get online.

Get creative with displays

Visual merchandising is an essential part of in-store marketing. Create eye-catching window displays to attract customers into the store. Once inside, entice them with your in-store displays. Don’t settle for simply moving merchandise around or copying your online presentations. Use unique and engaging shop fittings for sale promotions or displays that reflect the season.

Show off exclusive merchandise

A physical store offers experiences that can’t be replicated online. Giving out samples, in particular, is something that is unique to a bricks and mortar store. Although some businesses include freebies with every online purchase, it lacks the warmth and character of those given in-store.

Your Store as a Research Centre

A physical store gives you a place to actively test out new products and initiatives. The direct interaction you have with customers gives you important feedback and input in real-time. Use the information gathered to improve new products or initiatives. Making quick adjustments based on the feedback also helps prevent problematic issues arising.

Incorporate technology for cohesiveness

Show customers that you are tech-savvy by using technology specifically developed for in-store applications. Some apps allow you to track foot traffic patterns to determine which areas in your store receive the most and least attention. Compare the information with which web pages are the most and least popular and you begin to develop a database for marketing decisions.

Your Store as a Micro-fulfilment Centre

A micro-fulfilment centre is a mini distribution area at the back of your physical store. It is dedicated to addressing the needs of your online shoppers. From in-store pickups to returns, repairs and customer service, you determine the exact use of your micro-fulfilment centre.

Although developed to support your online sales, this centre also brings customers into your physical store. This is especially helpful when online shoppers are unaware of the existence offline. As they wait for their purchases, encourage them to browse your merchandise or to try out your experiential displays.

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