Shop Wisely: How to Buy in Bulk for Your Store

Buying shop supplies in bulk is a critical part of running a retail store successfully. Aside from your actual products, you need to have a full inventory of supplies. Otherwise, you might run out of carry bags during a sale or you won’t have enough hangers for an elaborate display. But you have to be strategic when purchasing store supplies in wholesale. Wrong decisions here will lead to an excess of unnecessary items.

Prevent purchasing mishaps that will lead to an overflowing stockroom and loss of profit. Rethink how you should buy supplies for your store before putting in your next order. Discern which items are absolutely necessary for your operations and which ones can be set aside for a different time. 

The Dos and Don’ts of Buying in Bulk

There is a misconception that buying in bulk simply means getting as much as possible for the cheapest price. But the real purpose of this business practice is to minimise costs per unit. This will get you the best deals on the most important items for your store. Determining what these items are will make this easier in the long term.

Do: Only buy what you need.

It’s a bad business practice to purchase something just because it’s cheap. This is a common mistake among first time business owners. Although it seems like a good deal at first, you’ll soon realise that you have an abundant amount of items that you have no immediate use for.

When purchasing store supplies in bulk, choose items that you will actively use. Carry bags, for example, are necessities for any retailer. Be strategic about it by calculating how much you need every month. This will prevent you from buying too much too quickly.

Don’t: Buy speciality items in bulk.

Speciality items, such as sale-specific or seasonal store supplies, should be bought when needed.  Most of the time, these items can be reused. Purchasing new supplies when old ones are still usable will only lead to unnecessary costs.

Do: Choose items you are familiar with.

Some suppliers might convince you to try out new items for your store. Although some of these might bring value to your business, don’t make the mistake of buying them in bulk before proving their worth. Choose to buy basic items, such as coat hangers, tissue paper and price tagging supplies, in bulk because they are part of your regular operations.

Don’t: Hoard items just because they are on sale.

It’s tempting to buy in bulk when there’s a sale. But acquiring too many items when you don’t have enough storage space will only cause problems. Speak to your supplier instead. Try to come up with an agreeable deal that benefits you both. Some suppliers give discounts when bulk orders are on a regular schedule.

Apex Display: Australia’s Shopfitting Supplier

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