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UniSlot premium timber finishes

Premium Finishes

Our real strength is offering endless design possibilities and helping clients remain highly flexible and on-brand. 

UniSlot™ and selected shop furniture products are available in a huge range of Premium Finishes from market-leading brands, including Laminex, Polytec and FlexiPanel.

Why Use Premium Finishes?

  • Premium finishes allows you to create a shopfitting solution that aligns with your brand.
  • Our stunning on-brand solutions can be easily shaped to create the high impact you need to succeed.
  • UniSlot™, coupled with premium finishes bridge the gap between off-the shelf shopfittings and bespoke custom cabinetry.
  • We’re always creating smarter, easier and more efficient ways to help you amplify your brand, create value and deliver ROI.
  • We’re in tune with the latest retail and merchandising trends to ensure you facilitate sales and growth with the support of modern, dynamic and on-brand retail display solutions.
Premium timber finishes

Premium Timber Finishes For A Custom Branded Look

In the fast-paced, competitive retail environment, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever.

UniSlot™ timber components and our Australian Made shop furniture can be customised with selected finishes from market leading brands such as Laminex, Polytec and FlexiPanel.

Premium Finishes help craft an experience that is memorable for your customers and amplify the power of your brand.

Metal Finishes

Our metal frames and accessories are powder coated. Our standard colours are Satin Black and Pearl White.

In order to meet your shopfitting requirements, let’s talk about what we can do to assist you with a shopfitting solution that aligns with your brand.

A proud partnership with Ralph Lauren.

proud partnership with Ralph Lauren.

Australian Open - 2021, 2022 & 2023

As the Official Outfitter of the Australian Open since 2021, Ralph Lauren has partnered with Apex Display to design and supply the fixtures for their retail pop-up stores.

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