Create a Sales Promotion Strategy that Garners Success

Attracting customers to your store is tough with the increased competition from online shopping. Improving your in-store marketing strategy is vital to keeping your doors open and generating business opportunities.A sales promotion effectively markets your brand, creates a buzz around your business and drives people towards your store. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to off load outdated inventory and still make a profit.

How to Organise a Sales Promotion

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An effective sales promotion starts with a good strategy. Simply piling on-sale items somewhere in your store is not enough to generate sales. You need clearly defined terms and conditions, a timeline and a list of items to include in the promotion.

Factors to consider when creating a sales promotion strategy include:

1. Choosing a target audience.

The primary purpose of a sales promotion is to attract new customers. By identifying a target audience, your sales strategy can focus on attracting and converting them into loyal customers and brand advocates.

2. Setting clear goals.

A good sales promotion strategy is not only about increasing your sale numbers; it outlines efforts required so that sales increase sustainably. Make a list of goals that are SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based.

3. Promoting the activity accordingly.

Advertise your sales promotion on the media platforms your target audience responds to best. High visibility is key to encourage people into your store to browse and buy.

How to Organise Merchandise for a Sale Promotion

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Once you have settled on a strategy for your sales promotion, it is time to reorganise your store. During a sales promotion, on-sale items must be clearly visible to attract shoppers.

Give your store a fresh look.

A sales promotion campaign is a good time to introduce changes to your store’s interior design. Review the shop floor layout to identify high and low traffic areas; replace old and damaged shelves and racks with new shopfitting store solutions and improve your store’s lighting by setting up spotlights in places you want noticed. Store improvements do not always involve a large expense and will entice customers to browse the aisles.

Bring attention to specific merchandise.

Make sure your on-sale items are clearly visible and easily accessible. Although dump bins do have their use, a lot more can be done to promote sales.

Consider sectioning off an area in your store specifically for sale items. The promotion can be used to showcase merchandise that was previously not highlighted. Set up a table or multiple racks with the appropriate signage.

Another approach is to build the sale around a theme, such as summer wear, which makes the promotion more about what your customers want.Use mannequins to enhance the visual appeal of this area and to give customers inspiration on how to utilise your items.

Shopfitting Solutions for Sales Promotions

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